Education 2.0. The Eevolution Of Education Framework

Education gets the intuitive touch of technology ever since the need of quality learning sky-rocketed among the advanced learners. Education 2.0, as Bill Gates coined it, is in full bloom. The evolution in education domain remains to be one of the most effective one in the history of civilised parts of the world. And online learning, by every means, is the quintessence of this advancement.

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The ‘Fact’.

Upgrade and upskill. These are the two things, in these days of tough competition, students and working professionals are in desperate need. No need to be an expert to feel the difference between the educational framework we used to have had back then and that of we are living in now. Now I see people zeroing in on their smart-phone almost every time they are travelling or roaming around the Isle of Wight. Believe it or not, a fair amount of them are engaged in their online studies. E-learning is that much popular nowadays.

The ‘Need’.

It’s not that the learners are forced to study. It’s the need that forces them to choose this mode of learning and technology has made learning available to them so much so that inspired learners can carry on their studies even in those times when they could do nothing but clocking through the window of a Borismaster.

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The ‘When’ & ‘How’.

Traditional learning has left the students in such a troubled situation. These all started when students felt the requirement of career-oriented learning to increase the possibility of getting the desired job and a sudden change in employment field when employers started to give priority to ‘active learning’.

Online learning is best known for its availability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Gone are the days when you have to be in traditional learning classes to learn your lessons, this is the era when lessons are just a click away.

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Immediacy to information. Online learning courses are designed to provide a tailored learning chances for the students who are bounded with their daily-life responsibilities. Online learning institutes are fulfilling student’s desire by giving them a personalised opportunity of learning. Learning, in this mode, is offered through various technology-enabled devices like smart-phones, tabs, etc. via internet. Thus, learners can start reading lessons on the go.

Quality learning resources. The course materials provided by online learning institutes are of high quality as those are evaluated by qualified scholars and professors worldwide. And what is more, in this mode of learning students don’t have to rely on the hard copy of study material.

Hands-on experience. Unlike traditional educational institutes online learning arms a student with the most relevant knowledge and hands-on experience required for getting a suitable job.

When asked about the core of online learning, Bill Gates said, “There are four key trends in online learning. The first is creating more engaging and interactive ways of learning than the traditional textbook. Another is using the Internet to post and find great teacher lectures and effective course materials. The use of social networks is also a growing influence, with the potential to increase collaboration among and between teachers and students and extend class discussions beyond the classroom.”

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The Flaw.

Like every good new things e-Learning also has its limitations. Some educators believe that learning online requires self-discipline, which may occur as the chief constraint. This is the reason that the number of course completion in online learning is notably lower than that of the number of learners participate in e-Learning. But the flip-side of this argument is students can enhance their self-discipline remarkably with online learning as this way of learning is self-directed and students alone have the power to control their studies.

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