No More Hesitation For Mature Learners, Fixing Study Issues With Online Learning

Online distance learning is the knowledge tool that has earned massive adulation globally. Students busy with their academics and professionals with their work capitalise the learning benefit rendered by the online education. Today, the market for online learning is the fastest growing as students in prodigious number are enrolling for online courses.

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The factors like personalised learning, technology, control over learning and others have allowed online learners to study conveniently without any stress. This helped greatly to the students pursuing their studies in schools and higher education institutes. Besides, e-learning has provided the opportunity to the adult learners to confidently resume further study without any hesitation. Read on.

What Reports Says?

According to the National Union of Students (NUS) report- Never Too Late to Learn: mature Students in Higher Education, “Universities and further education colleges that offer higher education provision value mature students for the skills, motivations and life experiences that they bring with them.”

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The report also states, “Many mature students have had extensive careers and come to university with transferable experience of planning their time, organising people and projects, working in groups and presenting to audiences. This experience is beneficial for all students and helps to shape the culture of learning at any institution.”

The Reality

From the NUS report, we understand that mature students have the certain skill set which can help other students and also enhance the learning exercise. But is re-engagement of the adult learners is easy? Can mature students easily fit in with the young learners? The probable answer is- No. One thing that many adult/mature learner report is that they shy away and hesitate to learn with young learners. They feel disquiet studying with students of young age.

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How Online Learning Help to Re-engage Mature Learners?

At e-learning, students need not sit with young students. This allows mature learners to participate in learning free from the shekels of shyness and discomfort. The element of personalised education gives them space where they learn without nervousness of being the adult learner. Let us see what students have to say about it:

Sarah Davis says, “I was interested in training to be a social worker but having been out of full-time education for 11 years, I was really worried about coping with the academic side of things.” She says, “I did some research online and found out that I could take an Access to Higher Education course. These are designed to prepare people like me for university study. I took a one-year course in Education at a local college, which really helped with my study skills and gave me a basic grounding in related areas like childcare and psychology. It was the stepping-stone I needed to get me to university and get my BA (Hons) in Social Work.”

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Another mature student Robert Andrews, “With a mortgage to pay and children to support, I wasn’t in a position to give up work – so I decided to do the study for my BSc Psychology part-time over a six-year period through distance learning.” Andrew further added, “I’m studying one module per year, which gives me the flexibility to fit my studies in around work and the kids. I’ve had to really work on my time management skills to fit it in but it’s made me more organised and I appreciate the time I do have with the kids more than ever.”

Learning Conveniently

At online learning, it hardly matters who sits opposite to the machine to take education. Child of 8 years or an old man in the 80’s can engage in learning. E-learning does offer plenty of benefit to the students, but the best part is learners can participate in education process without any hesitation and discomfort. This convenience part with online learning is the factor why millions of mature learners are enrolling in e-learning courses. And seeing the trend, it’s not difficult to predict it’s growth to increase further.

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