Big Data: Enhance Knowledge For Free At MOOC

Data which are generated is required to be accumulated and safeguard. There is huge data available. these data are of immense value to any business organisation ranging from small to large. In simple term, it helps organisations to grow their business. Besides, it assists in making crucial decisions, abreast, in the intense market competition, it also provides the edge to the organisations.

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This is why one cannot ignore the significance of big data in the present day. And that’s why big data learning has become indispensable in the business world. A career in big data analytics can offer tremendous growth and opportunities.

As companies are utilising big data, tech professionals with knowledge of data analytics are in high demand. Since organisations are devising it increasingly, hence the need for professionals with analytics skill has grown.

Big data at MOOC

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has initiated courses on big data. To deliver the course learning the QUT has collaborated with Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) facilitator. The course is free and students need to devote just four hours of learning for two weeks. The online course is divided into four:

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  • From Data to Decisions

The first part of the course has already been introduced from 4th April. It deals with the case studies of the capacity of big data to make decisions. Besides, the learning also focuses on the tools to organise and reserve vast data.

  • Statistical Inference and Machine Learning

The second part of the course set to launch on 2nd May. This part of the course covers learning of the packages of software for big data analytics. Abreast the study leads to the development of the coding knowledge.

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  • Mathematical Modelling

This set, of course, is scheduled to be initiated from 30th May. To counter the various data related issues that appear regularly. This part of the course contains the application of three mathematical tools.

  • Data Visualisation

The last part of the course is set to start from 27th June. The data visualisation learning will help students to make real understanding of the conclusion from data.

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Before concluding the I would like add- demand for the skill of analyst is going to increase further, say industry experts. This demand is set to grow worldwide and is not going to limited to any particular region. Though, there is huge demand for the skilled professionals but still there is shortfall of the big data experts. To crack the data to meet the organisational goal, companies would require managers and analysts with decision making and understanding potential utilising big data. The MOOC course of big data is an opportunity for millions to capitalise the prospect. Besides, it also seems that this will help to meet the skill gap as well. As students will learn the some of the essential aspects of big data, they would be able to meet the work requisite of the of the organisations. This way different industries and companies will be able to enhance their productivity abreast improving their business performance.

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