Strategy Is Crucial While Designing Online Learning For Students

The online education is trending. In different parts of the world this format has gained the momentum. There are a number of online institutes which offer accredited high standard education. With the popularity of the online education on the rise, even traditional education institutes offer online courses. Equipped with digital techs, e-learning contains the potential to deliver knowledge in the most advanced way in the present time. However, providing education through web requires compact planning which helps the institute, teachers and the students.

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Online learners do not attend classroom learning. Hence, there is no face to face interaction takes place. In traditional learning, students directly ask questions to the teachers to get the answer. Also, students interact among themselves and discuss possible answer, from where they find the possible answer.

In online learning, students do not have the similar facility. Therefore, it’s essential to make feedback mechanism effective answering the doubts and questions of the learners. Projects or quizzes may not be sufficient.

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In order to keep students engaged, there should regular exercises on different lessons. Besides, there should also be enough training for the students. To make students involved online discussions and forums should remain active. This will make the feedback system active.

Teachers involvement with the learners will imprint positive impression. This makes students realise that online teachers and the entire faculty are very much active throughout the course.

Implementation of learning

Learning should not focus only on theory part. Days have gone when memorisation was enough to get good grades. In the modern times, the education pattern focuses on the practical method of learning.

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Online education facilitators should concentrate that students have the clear grasp what they learn. The idea of learning the subject, topic or lesson should be clear to them. The idea behind this is to make students implement the knowledge and skill into the real life situations.

The online students comprise many adult learners who take e-learning courses to for knowledge or career advancement. Online education providers can take feedback from them whether the course learning actually helps them to apply obtained knowledge into the real world or follows common academic learning pattern. Their reply could help to make the online learning course more engaging for other learners.


This is the essential element to keep learners engaged within an online education programme. Encourage students to dive into the course materials, finish the assignments on time, interact with other online learners. Reward them points and praise them for their active and regular participation in the course learning.

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To keep students involved, use of audio-video thread. Share video links of the latest explanation of lessons or topics available on YouTube. Related links of web publications can also be shared so that students gets the current and more information for the enrichment of their knowledge. Ask all the students to join to encourage group learning.

More effort

Students come to the online platform to learn, considering it the fit tool to acquire knowledge. It’s the responsibility of the institutes and faculties to ensure the expectation of the students is not compromised. There should be all possible effort to make sure that the quality of education and techniques of catering learning is high standard. Besides, there should be the additional arrangement to re-engage those students who opted out from the middle of the course.

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