Even Medical Schools Cannot Avoid Blended Learning

The concept of online learning has reformed the whole education pattern. Those following it knows very well how effective and worthwhile is it. This has also made traditional learning providers deploy it into their pedagogy. Educational institutes around the globe have either installed online learning into their system or are in the process. But here the only portion of online learning is used and is mixed with classroom learning. This also known as blended learning or hybrid learning. Besides, there is flipped learning which has emerged. Here students watch lecture videos before their go to the classroom. And both the students and the teachers devote most classroom time to discussions, projects and exercise. This trend of learning is also adopted in some medical schools. In the, USA there are a number of medical institutes who are employing blended learning into their academic system. Read on.

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Advantage Blended Learning: What Does It Offer?

Blended learning allows the learner to develop the idea what are they learning in the classroom. They watch videos of the related topic before they attend the same in the class. This makes them understand what the topic covers and what are the attributes of the topic. Once the class begins the learner easily relate to what he had learnt from the video lecture.

While watching the video at home students note down the questions and doubts they have. Those questions are asked in the classroom for clarification.

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This way, instead of devoting time on delivering and receiving the lecture in the classroom, both teacher and students focus and discuss on the key aspects of the topic. The classroom activities concentrate more on evaluation and exercise, this increases the volume of practical learning.

Blended form of education allows personalised learning. There is sufficient resources are there the feed the learning need of the students. One may refer to his/her doubts to online learning support or can ask during the face to face interaction with teachers.

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The mixed learning has the facility where students can access digital learning contents any time they want. Moreover, apart form text docs and infographic learning contents the video lectures can be viewed multiple time. Many institutes allow students to download study materials to their devices. Check this video to know how you can enhance your online learning:

This way blended learning saves time, energy as well as cost. And prime focus remains on improving the performance and progress of the learners.

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Convenient For Medical Learners?

Many may ask- Is blended learning is fit for medical students? The answer lies with the professors and doctors who teach their students.

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According to Michael Schwartz, Associate Dean, Curriculum Yale medical school, “Sometimes, just seeing a skill and having it explained to them on video really gives the students a greater confidence in what they’re doing when they actually have to do it themselves.”

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at School of Medicine at Stanford University thinks blended learning enhances engagement of the students.

He said, “When they come to the interactive sessions, all they need to bring is an open mind. And then in the session, it’s carrying on a conversation and thinking together as a group.”

The Wise Call

New methods and patterns of learning are being adopted by the institutes. This trend of installing new learning mechanism into the pedagogy has become widespread. Since the concept of learning in the modern time focus on the practical learning, it’s expected that blended learning will be adopted by those who have ignored it till now.

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