Signficance Of Level 7 Diploma In Management On The Graduates

Are you looking for a good career growth in management? Then the UK degree in MBA is for you. For more than three years, 90% of the candidates have been placed for full time employment. There are many career prospects open for the MBA students. Since the degree gives students variety of knowledge that they can use to pursue further studies, it is most advisable that they go for a level 7 diploma in management. In the immensely competitive market, companies are more and more looking for people who would have an overall knowledge of subjects like, marketing, finance, accounts, economics etc and an MBA course will help the candidates fulfill their goals.

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What is MBA and discuss about the global ranking of MBA

An MBA is a professional degree that gives you the guarantee that you are pursuing a well recognised course. The degree will open pretty good job opportunities for you. An MBA course can be pursued part time or full time depending on the schedules of the learners.

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If someone is doing a full time job and wants to study along with it, it will be good if the candidates buy a level 7 diploma in management online. The global ranking of the MBA programme is huge as per the UK certificates. Since an UK degree is widely recognised and globally accepted, world’s top schools are offering the level 7 diploma for graduate students. While few years back, women in equal position to male would get a lower salary in organisation changed the concept after they had had their MBAs. One of the topmost Universities of China School of Business, has been offering an MBA course since 1991 as has gained wide acceptance till date.

Highlight the entry requirements for MBA programme

Though not mandatory, many universities prefer you to take a GMAT test before enrolling yourself to the MBA course. Since the test will cover reasoning as well as a test in the numerical abilities, it will guide you whether you can manage the MBA course syllabus. The most important things which you need to have if you want to pursue studies are the following:

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  • At least 2-3 years of business experience as well as an undergraduate degree.
  • Apart from this, the students pursuing an MBA course must be at least 25 years of age and VISA is required for studying in UK.

How can a graduate pursue level 7 diploma in MBA?

Any candidate who wants to pursue a level 7 diploma in MBA will have to have a three year graduation certificate in BA, B.Com., B.Sc. which will be considered equivalent to Bachelor’s degree. Students who do not have a bachelor’s degree but managerial work experience are also accepted by many universities without the same. Many universities in UK offer affordable MBA programme whose resources and faculties are less. It would be wiser if one does a thorough research on institutes before applying for it. A GMAT test and a success certificate of the same will provide direct entry to the course. Since the Graduate Management Admission Test covers reasoning and numerical testing skills, this is widely accepted. In other words, its mandatory. The postgraduate level 7 diploma in Strategic management is a 30 module course with 40 guided learning hours. After you have received your level 7 diploma you can opt for the MBA top up course online or on campus.

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Discuss the future of MBA programme with short story of a student

Pursuing an MBA or to buy a level 7 diploma has been giving bright career prospects to the students since years. This is how it worked for one of the fashionistas. Rumbidzai Chigova, while going through the fashion magazines once dreamt of opening her own fashion house one day. Though she could not reach that level yet, she is not far from it. She enrolled herself for a diploma in business administration soon after she completed her higher secondary. Few years later she got the chance to pursue her dreams of a fashion entrepreneur and got huge success.

‘Women should first build their goals around their visions and dreams. Once they have mapped their destiny they can look for capital, and no matter how little, it will give them a good start,’ Rumbi said.

Discuss about the career prospects of UK MBA

The career prospects in UK is huge if you are looking for a postgraduate course. There are opportunities that many companies in UK would prefer to sponsor the MBA study course of their employees. More than half of the candidates who have successfully completed their MBA course have been placed at full time employment. If you are qualified as an MBA you have the knowledge of science, arts and commerce and therefore you are open for various specialised courses as well.

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Having a recognised UK degree in MBA helps a candidate achieve his or her goals. A wide number of job opportunities are available to the candidates across the world if he/she is having a well recognised and certified degree.

What is your point of view regarding pursuing the UK MBA course? Please share with us.

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