Contribution of online learning in present times

Online learning in present times had made a significant position in the field of education. Yet it has lot more to give. Students and professionals these days are having their busy schedules and it is not possible for them to commute time and again to take the advantage of specialised learning. Here online learning has a major advantage. Over and above, online learning provides the opportunity for a personalised learning mode and the candidates can plan for their study materials their own way. Apart from this, you are infront of a large pool of information in seconds with the least possible cost. You just got to have an internet connection and you are done.

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How far can online learning help and benefit the introverts?

Online learning or E-learning is truly beneficial for those who are introverts. Students who do not want to participate in class, feels shy and prefers to learn in a quite environment, this mode of study pays off for them. Often students tend to return home with unanswered questions. In the online mode of study there is no room for that. Apart from this, flexible timetable, lesser distractions from other students and also a personalised form of education helps the introvert students learn more. By any chance, if the candidates are facing any kind of problem or they are having any quarries regarding a subject, they can directly ask for help online from the educated personnel.

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What if we strike a proper balance of the usefulness of online learning ?

Online learning has its usefulness to both the introverts and extroverts as a whole. However, it would be perfect if we strike a proper balance in the sense that it would be beneficial to both E-learners as well as the learners who follow the traditional classroom method and go to educational institutions for study. Since face-to-face form of study has its several advantages along with the many opportunities of online study that cannot be denied, a proper balance to implement both strategically will be a better idea. This form of study is known as blended learning- a perfect combination of both traditional and online learning.

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Future of online learning or E-learning

With the advancement in technology E-learning has gained its authority and position in the E-market. It has nothing to do with personality but provide you with an opportunity to explore the world. However, E-learning will not be a recommended option for industries facing digital crisis or the people of the organisations who lack behind in technical skills. Therefore, proper scenarios need to identified if this form of learning needs to be implemented.

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Inference drawn

Online learning or E-learning has made its way largely with technology. This form of learning is truly good for those who are introverts and do not prefer classroom environment. However, researchers have also found out that the mode of face to face learning in the sense classroom training has its many advantages. This does not mean that online or traditional way to learn are bad. However, to implement the either mode of learning in a proper environment is the thing what one needs to understand. Therefore, a proper balance of both would help achieve better results.

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