Recommendations Of Online Learning Advisory Council To Up-Scale Blended And Online Learning

The New York state online learning advisory council of has come up with recommendations on blended and the online learning. The suggestions are based on the findings of the council. The council was formed previous year by the commissioner of education which consisted eleven online and blended learning experts. The formation of the council was outcome of the educational technology purpose to take appropriate measures to growth of e-learning. The recently recommended suggestion of the council therefore aims at the greater support for development and extension of e-learning scopes for the learners.

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Council definition of Online Learning

In their findings the advisory council has defined the Online Learning as:

“Online Learning is teacher led education that utilizes technology with Intranet/Internet based tools and resources as a delivery method for instruction, research, assessment, and communication. It may be synchronous (in real time) or asynchronous (separated by time) and accessed from multiple settings (in school and/or out of school buildings). Online learning can be fully online, with all instructions taking place through Internet, or online elements can be combined with face–to–face interactions in what is known as blended learning.”

What it found?

The findings of the council observe that catering of online learning digital knowledge falls under the duty of New York Education Department. The finding of the council points at schools. It says that schools need to help and provide direction to the students creating online identity and life.

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According to the report of the council, “Students today are creating online lives and identities, and schools too often leave students to mediate these online identities without support and guidance.”

It also found in the study that schools with success have formulated systematically driven strategy amid the teachers and the school administrators.

The Recommendations

The online learning advisory council has suggested several recommendations. The most impressive suggestion for the development of online and blended education are:

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Greater communication at school

The study of the online learning advisory council based on facts reveal educational technology d that in order to develop the blended and online learning, the schools of New York have to reach beyond. The study has observed that greater communication between teachers, administrators and the students is crucial for the success of e-learning. educational technology.

Professional development grant educational technology

Besides the extended communication at school, the council has emphasised on the grants for professional development. For multi year professional development it has sought the grant of $100 million.

According to the council, “These grants will support both planning and implementation to expand development of instructional skills using online tools in classroom educational technology , and online course availability and capacity.”

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Skilled Ed-Tech professionals

In the findings of the advisory council, it was found that New York schools lacked, “insufficient allocation of staff and expertise to support innovations in educational technology.”

According to the council, there is the requisite of further trained professional staffs for the schools in the region. To head the education technology decisions the council has advised appointing chief digital officer. For the development hybrid and online learning, it has advocated in the favour of more research and teacher training.

For the sake of blended & online education

The findings of the online learning advisory council have some advised some pragmatic ideas implementing which online and blended learning will meet development measures. However, due to a dearth of decisive research the council was not made recommendations for across the state. We hope that the available suggestions are implemented in the correct manner for the development of hybrid and the e-learning. Besides, we also hope that the council in their further study will provide the recommendation for the state wide measures.

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