Crafting Future education: Implementing new learning model with correct measure

Once the question was raised whether Online education will mange to deliver the purpose for which it came to existence. Today, web education is the great learning tool which incorporates valuable learning for the students. Besides the students, professionals are benefited from its boon. Online learning is growing because it’s flexible, convenience, productive and meaningful resource of knowledge. Going a step further Online Learning Consortium (OLC), Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) and others bodies are working in the direction to make e-learning a constructive education platform. These organisations play the crucial role to make online education more qualitative and accessible with its feedback and efforts. As the e-learning is writing history students prefer e-learning with tremendous growth, online distance education not only holds the repute of higher education system of a nation but the soft power as well. Read on.

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Online Learning & Scope

E-learning has opened the new dimension for learning. Speaking at the OBHE conference held on November 2015, CEO (Europe) of education marketing and online learning service Keypath Education, Rajay Naik said, “Online learning provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to continue to be that beacon in markets around the world.”

Addressing the substance of online degree, diploma and certificate Naik said, “ There is a fundamental difference between a free, short, unaccredited course and a formal, fee-paying, degree-accredited programme that delivers a significant certificate or degree at the end of it, and we must make sure that we never make that distinction unclear or blurred.”

Devotion For New Learning Model

Compared to the traditional learning, online education is the new model of knowledge. Hence, it’s essential for all the investors, administrators, teachers, edtech experts etc. should work collectively to realise the purpose and benefits of e-learning. Abreast, it’s equally essential for them to apply the goal and advantages into practice for the benefit of the learner.

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According to K. Holly Shiflett, Solutions director, Global Education, Wiley Education Services, “In fact, faculty commitment is a key determiner as to how successful online distance degree programmes will be along with brand recognition, market focus and strategic alignment.”

Why Is E-Learning Preferred?

According to the to a report, 75 percent of the e-learning students take higher studies for career advancement like – for employment, to obtain the higher position, to shift career and gaining latest skill. Since, online distance education allows the students to take higher education without leaving the job, hence, professionals and students prefer e-learning. Besides, online diploma, degree and certificate have received recognition from the employers across the globe. Here one of the online students is sharing her online learning experience. Watch this video.

Rajay observed, “Very often what [employers] say is ‘When I see an online student, I regard those students as more desirable than face-to-face students, the reason being that I know what those students would have gone through to get their experience.”

Designing Future

The greatest challenge with the countries is to create favourable learning opportunity to the youths. Hence, online distance education can play the significant role to engage students and professionals in substantial learning for acquiring higher education and skill for acceleration in the career. However, the state-sponsored and private education administrators of online learning have to ensure that qualitative learning is catered to the students. Since e-learning is considered as the future of education, thus, crafting pertinent and growth oriented e-learning model would shape the career and lives of the next generation.

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