Teacher Shortfall : Can online learning be effective?

Online learning can meet the crisis of shortfall of teachers. The number of educational institutes- school, colleges and universities are growing. But these institutions of education are facing the crisis of lack of teachers. Engaging teacher though online learning could offer resolution to the problem. With special focus on the rural education the institutes, government other associated bodies are banking on e-learning. With right digital tool online learning can engage teachers from any part of the world to participate in the learning activity. Moreover, instructors from industry could be hired to provide quality education with regard to the higher education. How can online learning can counter the shortfall of lack of teachers lets find out.

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Counting on e-learning

Distance learning could open door of incessant knowledge specially in rural areas where educational infrastructure is not up the standard level. In places where educational resources and teachers hard task to find. In such cases online learning can help to make way for the teachers living in the distant place but is willing to teach students. With proper technology teachers can participate in catering knowledge to the students.

Engaging experts to the learning system

With regard to the higher studies hiring teachers with quality is essential. But quality teachers are not piece of cake. Efficient teachers are not easy to get. So – how to get quality teachers? Online education can help to participate experts from different industry in e-learning courses. In fact many educational institutes offering online higher studies have incorporated faculty members from the industry. This practice has increased in few years. The effect of this practice has benefited the students. The teaching and tricks from the similar experts enhance the substance of the online education. Learning from the experts would give live and current information related to various subjects.

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The interest of hiring experts

Educational institutes hiring experts for online has gone up. This is because it gives robust impression on the student that a particular course subject is being taught by the expert from the industry. This adds up to the value of the course and institute.

Teachers delivering via technology

Teachers who are already engaged or instructors from industry can deliver education by using technology. For this one does not require heavy machine set up. Teachers simple need connected to the internet. With chat they can discus and explain any topics to the students. Moreover, with technologies like Skype and others, online instructors can teach by video conferencing to interact with the students. Also, teachers can upload the video of lectures to assist learners.

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Meeting the demand

There is no doubt that online learning is probably the most effective tool to fill the gap of shortage of the teachers. Besides, it can engage able professionals with convincing experience fit for teaching to enlighten the students. Scenario can change and online learning can help to meet the demand of required teachers to provide quality education. But educational institutes have to make it sure that online teachers fit to their purpose of catering right and meaningful learning to the learners.

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