What Are The Conducive Online Learning Pattern?

Online learning is gaining massive popularity. Students find it convenient. Professionals are also engaging themselves in e-learning to grab the opportunity to achieve higher position within an organisation. Numerous educational institutions are offering online Degree and PG courses. Top universities and colleges are also in the race. As millions of students access online learning to enrich their education timely evaluation of online learning is indispensable. Universities, Colleges, Institutes and the faculty members have to make sure that every development effecting online learning, process and students are examined. Students who show their faith onto Online learning receive full support to their career advancement. Experts opines that online education follow a model or pattern where the overall goal of the learner is fulfilled.

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Robert B. Barr and John Tagg in an article published in Change magazine in 1995 wrote, “A paradigm shift is taking hold in American higher education. In its briefest form, the paradigm that has governed our colleges is this: A college is an institution that exists to provide instruction. Subtly but profoundly we are shifting to a new paradigm: A college is an institution that exists to produce learning. This shift changes everything. It is both needed and wanted.”

Guiding to the correct way

The online learning has the reputation to engage the learner with comprehensive and compact learning. It uses the most advanced teaching technique and syllabus to cater integrated and blended learning. Though, the ultimate goal of the most of the learner is to earn the right job, online learning is designed to impart abstract knowledge. It ensures that the knowledge attained paves for development of innovative ideas among the students leading to their success. It has to ensure that the student is learning in the correct direction.

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Edward McGee, Coordinator, Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, Central Virginia Community College said, “A lot of instructors still go by the ‘If I don’t say it, they won’t learn it’ philosophy and try to push that into the online environment. It’s really hard for students to learn that way when they’re having gobs and gobs of information just pushed at them.”

More from online learning

It is advocated that students should enjoy more control engaged learning.

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About the pattern of learning Edward said, “I really love it when an instructor asks, ‘What do you expect to get from this course’?”

Online learning comprises features that enables the learner to take more control while learning. Here the student is aware of the motive of his erudition. The education system of the online learning is not restricted to syllabus only, it gives the learner the idea and overview about there career and industry.

Concerted Knowledge

Educationalist feel that the substance of collective and unified learning should be added in the model of online learning. It is different from group learning in which students collectively to attain one purpose. It is termed as Cooperative learning in which students assist each other to learn. Let us find why Cooperative learning is unlike group learning :

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  • Affirmative Reliance

Here students support each other to accomplish the projects. In a assignment students work together to make it successful. During the process assignment the on learner teaches the other.

According to Edward,“They either succeed or fail together as a group rather than the situation that typically happens in group learning where one or two people end up doing all the work. In a cooperative environment, students are actually teaching each other,” McGee says.

  • Personal Liability

Though the students will work on an assignment in peer, even, every single student have bear the liability. Teacher will held student accountable for the projects. Similarly student can held each others liability.

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In this respect McGee says, “It’s a great opportunity for groups to revisit the material, reinforce what they did, and also learn how to be a better group.”

  • Evaluation and observation

Regular evaluation is an imperative aspect of learning pattern. Students doubts and queries has to be satisfied in minimum span to time. Regular interaction with the students would make the learning process even more simpler. Moreover, frequent evaluation is also necessary for online learning.

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  • Refitting online education

The online learning comprises contemporary advance education. Where the knowledge process is designed to cater meaningful learning to the students. But, since, constant research and circumstances forces the education designers to make essential changes. Thus, to make e-learning an effective and everlasting tool of knowledge essential and timely up-gradation is required. With the technology and technique in hand online education would serve the ultimate purpose having done the essential makeover.

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