Combating Winter With E-Learning

The schools of Indiana have found new way to engage students in classroom learning during the harsh winter. Schools have realised that during the bad weather conditions campus learning is not possible. Hence online learning can help the students to remain in their house and remain communicable via e-learning. The previous winter has forced many schools to declare closure or delay their classes. This has led ISTEP and exam to reschedule or extend. The IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) has also raised its concerns on how has the winter affected the exam process. The schools have realised that the loss of time can’t be reimbursed by delaying the classroom activity. The schools were more worried about the students missing crucial guidance and information related to the ISTEP exam. However, this winter schools have chosen not to bow. The Schools are constantly putting great effort to provide digital study materials to the students.

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An increased number of Indiana schools have decided to continues their classes via online learning to counter the rough weather. The more number of schools are determined to offer online learning to their students.

Learning online

Tipton Community School Corporation is one of the schools who have decided to use the digital learning to continue their classroom activity. The school is more concerned that students do not miss the important instructions on ISTEP exam. To ensure that learning activity is not hit by the winter, Tipton has started web learning activity. Both, the teachers and the students are now engaged in e-learning activity. This calculated measure of the school would accustom the teachers and students to use the learning technology.

Web classroom

The Gen Y learning or in other words the online learning offers tremendous flexibility. It is not fenced by place or time. Hence, learning according to the convenience makes has gained immense popularity. The schools of Indiana have decided to use the digital learning technology to combat the winter. It is a well planned thought to use online learning to continue classroom activity when it is immensely difficult to go out. The students will attend the class via web.

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Classroom Activity

Learning with technology is fun at Tipton Elementary School. The teaching faculty member are organising class in small groups. Students engaged in training sessions are interacting to their teachers with i-Pad. The web learning classroom has ensured high attendance of the students. In online classroom students can ask their ask questions or clear their doubts through chat. While, teachers can also remind students about timely completion of the assignments through online learning.

Online learning with i-Pad is excitement for Drew Stillson, a fifth grade student at Timpton.

He says, “It’s kind of easier typing it instead of writing it,” he said. “It’s a lot more fun. You get to do a lot of apps instead of doing worksheets or books.”

Brian Witherow, Tipton schools technology director, said, “One of the things we talk about is any time, anywhere learning.”

According to Joe Rushton, Principal, Tipton High School, said, “the increased focus on e-learning will better prepare students for college, where they will have to take more responsibility for managing their time and completing assignments on their own.” He added, “The way we’re looking at traditional school has to change with the times.”

According to the Kokomo Tribune the during the rough weather the e-learning will replace the traditional classroom.

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The growing trend

The essence of online learning has been realised by other Indiana schools. To continue their classroom activity ,previous winter, Western School Corporation and Northwestern School Corporation switched to online learning. Eastern Howard School Corporation and Western School Corporation held web classroom via online learning on Saturdays. The adaptation of online learning by these schools has encouraged others district schools to initiate the e-learning process. The Maconaquah School Corporation also practices online learning and has rendered educational support during the extreme winter conditions. Educational experts feel that the practice of online learning will encourage students to adapt the digital form of learning or the new age learning. With the support from the IDOE, the technology based online education in Indiana schools is rising.

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