The Latest in education: Learning through tech-enabled way

The latest learning has proven itself to be the best. A successful and newer definition of education is possible when it is attempted to be elevated with the force of rapid improvement. This development of education results in the latter’s fulfillment.

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The visitors to the HR conference in October is going to witness the instances on the strategies by which a global company met the successful update of education through the tech-enabled way.

The combination of efforts

Conference Co-Chair Steve Boese had a word with Humair Ghauri, senior vice president of products and technology for SumTotal Systems, who will be co-presenting at the event and Debbie Collins, director of MyLearning and University Information Systems for Capgemini. The first two will be talking about the conversion of modern education to a standard level through technology. They will also state how this solutions helped Capgemini, the Paris based consulting; technology and outsourcing firm to fulfil the learning and development goals of its 1,45,000 employees from 40 countries of the globe in North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific zone.

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Technological task

The conference will be following the topic on the importance of harnessing technology and its applications for the HR leaders in order to implement education effectively into business; faster business growth; strengthen organisational capability, increase employee engagement and career opportunities etc. The conference will also stress on the necessity of linking learning environments to foster the increase in business as well as the need of educational strategies which can be applied to business strategies.

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Let us look at the experts’ opinion regarding this conference and their function in it:

Debbie Collins

Capgemini wants to directly implement educational application to its employees in order to form a connection between business and education. According to the company, it will also benefit its employees to an elevated extent. The company has been facing a lot of problems in training its employees and is looking forward to the conference as a platform for solution. Virtual courses; custom e-learning modules will be of great help for the employees. The company can claim that its learning management system is the second-most used technology in the workplace. Even the learning business partners of can also exhibit its endeavours to train its employees through investment. Technology has also assisted it to fulfil the mandated regulatory reporting requirements as well as to support its internal compliance initiatives. Although facing all of these challenges, technology benefited it a lot in increasing the employee awareness. It has developed some innovative initiatives focused on the employees’ needs.

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Humair Ghauri

It is a transformation. Its not only mere technology and overwhelming enrichment or a change of process. It is both of them. Actually technology’s role is to help the employees is forming an organisational culture that collaborates with an employee making him/ her as a better one. Technology has the power to change the organisational approach to an employee in a more fruitful way. The efficiency helped to monitor the performance of the employees.

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Technology flourishes potential

The conference is targeting the effective employee improvement through the incorporation of technology in the educational system. It not only makes the employees’ potentials to be employed but to also the elevates business. Its a world where technology unlocked doors to new and brighter ways of possibilities.

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