How Online Learning Resources Can Make Education Better

Today higher education has become immensely important as the job market has become highly competitive globally. But as college education becomes more and more expensive, many aspiring learners are having second thoughts about earning a degree. However, there is another feasible and effective option available which numerous students across the world are opting for. Online education is now allowing aspiring learners an efficient way to learn necessary skills and knowledge and earn a higher education degree affordably. This not only helps them to boost their employability but also to build their careers. Take a look….

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Growth of E-Learning

Nowadays, online learning has gained much prominence across UK and Scotland. Many leading UK universities are now offering their programmes online to reach more students. These programmes are usually developed by in-house faculty and follow the same curriculum as on-campus programmes. Hence, students can easily access high quality education in a flexible way and by avoiding student loans. Many institutes in Scotland are also introducing a number of online courses for the benefits of aspiring learners and professionals.

Ushare for easy share

In fact, now learners, educators and professors across Scotland can easily share, access and recommend educational materials through new online forum. Ushare will now enable their users to comment, share and rate links to open source resources like articles, research and videos. Ushare was developed and presented by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). The online learning platform is currently available for a wide array of HND and HNC courses. The SQA is presently taking several steps to expand their offerings and offer it to various qualifications like Highers, Advanced Highers and Nationals.

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Students, teachers and lecturers will also be able to access different resources that support several SQA awards like cyber security for free. Users of Ushare will be able to create their profiles, share any link to a resource which they believe is relevant and helpful, and also comment or rate the links which have been shared by others.

Developing engaged learners

Stuart McLaren, project manager at Ushare for SQA, said: “What we’re aiming for is to develop an engaged community of users that support one another and the ambitions for the service. We have added Ushare to a number of our HNC and HND subject pages as well as those for our Awards. The next phase will be opening it up to other qualification types including SQA Nationals, Highers and Advanced Highers.”

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Sharon Gardiner, Head of Science, Social Science, Mathematics and Sport at West College Scotland, commented: “Both students and lecturers have always shared resources within their classes or study groups, but now Ushare allows them to share useful materials more widely than ever before. Ushare also offers the benefit of users seeing how others have rated resources, helping them to quickly identify materials that will best support their studies.”

What are your thoughts on Ushare? Can it help learners and teachers in Scotland to better use online learning? Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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