Data Reveals Surprising Facts On E-Learning : Interactivity Quadruples Active Growth In The Performance Level

E-learning does not only provides effective learning but it also means ‘learn to learn’. E-learning provides an interesting platform where education becomes an exploration and where the learners are more engaged.

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Effective e-learning

E-learning courses such as online graduate diploma courses and others have an inclination towards making the learner academically active besides being knowledgeable. It assists the learners in increasing their potentials and in improving their sets of skills to operate at the professional sphere. Combining a lot of systematic tools, e-learning methodology concentrates more on the learners’ overall improvement as well as making them rightly educated.

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The online learning portal is the provider of the e-learning experience to the learners. It performs a major role in the form of online education as it includes a lot of procedures by which, learning follows a systematic way.

The online learning portal prompts with notes; reminders; strategic spots; interactive polls and links to resources. It also allows the learners to take down notes and to send themselves reminders. All of these are the aspects of the effectiveness of e-learning.


The better learning with the healthier way

The previously mentioned aspects were all interactive in nature. It is obviously different and healthier than that the form of education that only entails traditional videos with the periodic polls.

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A recent trial on the comparative effectiveness has proven the true effectiveness of education. We will understand it more if we look at the case of ArcheMedX.

The trial surprisingly found that the healthcare professionals i. e. the doctors; nurses and pharmacists have exhibited an increase of their knowledge and competency four-times more through video-based activities of 30-minutes by the ArcheViewer portal of ArcheMedx than the those who followed the same content by a traditional activity which is online and persisting.


The trial

The trial was conducted in by ArcheMedX in collaboration with its partners which provides its CME. They are the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine and Academic CME.

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The trial included a video of 30 minutes on the activities and measures of the healthcare professionals on the management of the patients with dyslipidemia. This video was viewed by both the traditional-format control group and the ArcheViewer interventional group. The video aimed to provide the change in knowledge and competencies which are normally measured in the basis of the identical pre and post activity tests.

The result of the trial

The composite of the performance of the 711 learners represented a performance which is four-times than the normal. At the same time, those people, who were permitted to access the online learning by ArcheViewer, have witnessed an the actual percentages of individual activities to rise from 2.3 times to 5.7 times.

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Efficient education with an effective educational system

ArcheViewer has implemented the learning methodology which ArcheMedX developed.

According to an ArcheViewer whitepaper, it makes it easier for the learners retaining the information which they learn by “constructing and developing a more engaging online learning experience that nudges each clinician to reflect and take action at the right moments during the content.”

Over 100 clinicians have used the portals to access hundreds of educational activities that the Academic CME and PIM educators developed.

Students looking for online graduate diploma courses will achieve a lot through interactive tools like this. The effective ways of this will make the students understand the difference between education and fruitful education. E-learning is a journey that aims to reach the summit of education and the collaborative effort of e-learning and the students can make it possible.

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