How Online Learning Is Enabling Students To Learn Better

Online learning has taken the education sphere by storm as it allows students to acquire skills and knowledge in the most convenient and flexible way. Hence, more and more students as well as young professionals are now opting for online study opportunities as it allows them to earn a degree in a cost-effective way. So if you are also looking forward to pursuing higher studies, then online learning is the most effective way.

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Online learning is expanding

Perhaps this is the reason why thousands of learners in Lane County in U.S. state of Oregon, who are about to start their classes soon, are set study directly from the comfort of their own homes. Oregon Connections Academy, online charter school which offers tuition-free courses, is gaining more popularity among students in the region due to the benefits it offers. In the past year, the institute catered to over 4,000 learners from different parts of the state. It was also observed that student enrollment in schools across Lane County increased to 9 per cent in the past year.

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Dacey Guy, a 11 year old student, is geared up to start her middle school this year. However, she will not be attending a brick and mortar classroom on her initial day, unlike most of her fellow learners. Instead, Dacey will access all the course materials directly from her living room. She is one of the over 4,000 students in Oregon who have opted for a virtual charter school over the traditional classroom learning modes.

She said “I can do school like whenever I want and if I need to take a break or something, I can instead of having to do school all day.”

In fact, Dacey has been studying online courses since her first grade. Although she did decide to pursue traditional classroom-based education during the fourth grade, but soon realised it was not suited to her needs.

She added “I figured, well I could give it a try, so I did and it was horrible.”

A better learning experience

Her mother, Kim Guy, Dacey’s mother, acts as Dacey’s learning coach to ensure that she gets the best learning experience and completes all her assignments in time. Kim believes that traditional school can be prove to a tough environment for learning.

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Kim said “Bullying and distractions, I just didn’t feel like they were getting the most they could out of their education.”

Kim ensures that her daughter and her son, also an online learner, are able to complete all projects and stay focused and dedicated to their studies.

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She added “It seems to be a really great fit and they love it.”

Both brother and sister invest 5 hours every day on their studies, however it often varies depending on their pace of learning. Currently, Dacey is getting ready and organising her study station for a new school year.

She said “I have my calendar over here and then my little board that has little notes.”

Kim said “I feel so blessed that we have this option. I’m really glad we have this out there for them.”

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