Online Education Now Brings Teachers’ Training

The teachers have become the learners to online education. Getting a healthier education is no more a hindrance to them. The teaching methodology of the present time has compulsorily included teachers’ training as an integral part of being a teacher. It is problematic to start to teach without knowing how to teach. Being trained, thus, becomes one of the essential elements that a teacher should have and online learning has become its provider to them.

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The initial approach

The Moray council and the Aberdeen University have collaborated to offer online courses to the teachers. The teachers’ training course and teachers’ education has become reachable with the help of these online learning facilities such as this. The mentioned training program is offering a part-time post graduation degree in education through the online medium.


The course has considerably kept in mind about the state of the candidates who are already employed. So, they have designed this educational program of them in such a way that the learners will be able to study after their work hours. The program has been made flexible enough for the candidates that will assist them to follow education without disturbing their professional life.

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What does the study includes

The online training program includes a variety of aspects. Innovative learning methods with the useful application of it are the active part of the course. The course has self-study; face-to-face workshops on Saturdays; collaborative group works and school placements. The course duration is 18 months and, in it, there will be a placement experience of 18 weeks in a Moray primary school within, normally, 4-weeks blocks. If the course is completed successfully, then the candidate will get a guaranteed probationer year with the council.

The online benefit

Councillor Anne Skene, responsible for chairing the Moray Council’s children and young people’s service committee, has commented that the courses are beneficial opportunities to the teachers as they can continue their education besides their profession.

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She said “It may well appeal to those who have some experience of the classroom environment – such as classroom assistants or school auxiliaries – and who would like to further their careers by joining the teaching profession. Similarly, the course is well suited to those with ambitions to be a teacher but who, perhaps because of family commitments, have not had access to college training.”

The course structure

The course fees are estimated to be £1820 for the two academic sessions. The applicants are also provided the privilege of funding from the Students Award Agency as the applicants of Scotland must live in Moray and have competent ICT skills which are relevant and accurate to the online distance learning.

The closing date for the applications is 30th September.

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Easily available education with online education

It is evident that online education gives a scope not only to the students but also to the professionals as it includes the innovative method of learning while earning. It gives the learner to boost up his/ her professional skills and to get a more strengthened C.V. Learning becomes much more acceptable and closer to the learners in this way. It will be a healthy decision to follow the healthy way of online education.

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