Can Online Learning Help UK Students Avoid High Tuition Fees?

Most young students across the UK have little reason to celebrate presently as the cost of higher education is rising constantly over the last few years. Experts believe that tuition fees in university are set to rise again to provide higher quality education. However, there is possibility that maintenance grants which allow numerous students to pursue a degree might get scrapped. The question that arises now is that in such a depressing financial scenario, will British students look for more affordable alternatives to traditional college education?

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Looking for a better option

Currently, UK students have a number of available options in front of them like looking abroad study options with cheaper tuition fees, choosing an apprenticeship or avoiding college altogether. However, another option which is rapidly gaining ground among aspiring higher education students who want to avoid excessively high fees is open and online education.

There are many people who might think that online learning may be of poorer quality and will probably never be equal to traditional college education. Moreover, online higher education solutions were primarily developed alternatives, meant to help students who are unable to access traditional learning opportunities. But with increasing tuition fees, rising living costs and grants being scrapped, numerous UK students now feel that they are among the learners who cannot access traditional learning.

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Students are worried

A recent study by The Student Room found that the volume of UK students seriously concerned regarding their tuition fees, student debt and living costs has become twice in the last 2 years. The research surveyed students before it was declared that maintenance grants will be scrapped. Over 50 per cent of the respondents reported that the announcement might compel them to intently consider if they can actually afford a university degree. Moreover, an additional 20 per cent students reported that college education is entirely out of the question now.

A better alternative

However, if you are considering affordable online university degree courses from a UK university, then it does not need to be a poor grade option. Today a number of online learning platforms offer high quality courses to students worldwide with their own unique advantages. One such platform is the non-profit tuition-free online institute UoPeople (University of the People).

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Shai Reshef, president and founder of UoPeople, said “What we are doing is building a model to show that higher education can be affordable and accessible. We want to open the doors wide, to make it affordable, but make sure that those who graduate from us find a job, because those that come to us don’t come to us to have general study, they come to us in order to have a better chance for a better future.”

Sir Colin Lucas, a member of president’s council at UoPeople and former University of Oxford vice-chancellor, said “I think my hunch is that, for quite a long time now, the standard model of what a university should look like; where it all looked much the same wherever you went….I think that’s all breaking up. The question is more where [online education] will fit within that, rather than a straight displacement.”

Regarding online university degree programmes, Lucas commented “I think it’s a great means of liberation for people who don’t have any means of getting on from where they are. I certainly think that there is a component in the UK population that would benefit from this, and I am sure that we would want to see more people joining us from the UK.”

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The bottom line

So if you are also facing challenges in earning your degree from an UK university, then going online might just be the best available option for you right now. It will not only help you earn an accredited qualification, but it will also make you eligible for the most lucrative jobs in your field.

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