The 2015-2019 Global Blended E-Learning Market

The Technavio report on the Global Blended E-Learning Market 2015-2019 is a thoroughly examined version of the market-analysis of e-learning from its depth. It consists of the critical approach to the insight of the e-learning market as well as contributory opinions from the experts of the industry.

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The report in brief

The report describes the state of the increasing standard of the global market and its quality for 2015-2019. It took the considerable help of the revenue that has been generated from the sales of the online study programs to perform the calculation on the size of the market.

Technavio predicts the growth of the global blended e-learning market at a CAGR of 11.091% during 2015-2019.

The report covers the latest attributes of the US market. The features of the market have been prominently portrayed by it. It also includes the names of the key vendors that play an important role in the market.

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The names of the vendors in the market:

  • Adobe systems.
  • Blackboard.
  • NIIT.
  • Educomp Solutions.
  • Scholastic.

What is blended e-learning

Blended e-learning consists of a combinational construction. It is through this effective combination e-learning has got its definition and has reached a reputed position. The traditional form of face-to-face learning is not neglected in e-learning. But traditional learning is also not possible for online learning as the teacher and student may be in a class having thousands of kilometres of distance between them. So, e-learning brings a solution. It combines the traditional learning with WBL that help-s in having the experience of the traditional learning through the online media.

It is widespread and predominant in the K-12 standard.

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An evolved methodology

The modern age has produced a growing demand of the students to get quality education as the demand from the employers has also considerably grown. So, today’s education and its methodologies are desperately trying to meet the requirements which are the instances of the part of the present day situation. The educators; the regulators of the education sector are trying hard to overcome this problem by stressing more on the educational methodology of e-learning as it can be claimed that it has evolved from its previous form and this new evolution can best be applied in the platform of online education.

More knowledge : More education

The learning style also made the knowledge to reach more to the learners. The inculcation of knowledge has become easier and more acceptable to the students. There is an effective means of the interactive learning style in e-learning methodologies. It makes the communicative approach between students and teachers encompassed with educational resources and instructions. The educators can share the learning content or other educational matters online so that the students can have an easy access to those to improve their education as well as evaluating themselves. It is also found, that many investors are there who started investing on the virtual educational areas.

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The correct mixture of education and technology

The combination of education and technology aiming towards educational fulfillment with providing ample student benefit and a way of the scientific implementation to education for a future with more creative possibilities which are non ending are together actually known as the blended e-learning. The methodology of the learning is perfect and the target of such a system efforts to achieve effectiveness. Education and technology are working together and they need the educators and the students to join them to increase the number of possibilities in the future.

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