Future Education: Technology-Enhanced Education

The combination of each and every aspect of the society with technology produces innovation that is leading the world to a better and effective future. Education has changed to a great extent with the entrance of technology affecting various areas of it and elevating it to a standard which is both valuable and interesting. The intensity of such impact of technology on education is only the first instance of the former’s start to influence the latter. When the wave of technology will be thrashing on the shore of education then we can only expect a superb revolution. This revolution is inevitable and, in the future, it will become one of the most dominant aspects for the world to follow.

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Let us have a look on how technology will be affecting the future education:

  • Personalisation

It is for sure that the digital form of education provides better access to personalised content. Students can be able to search for what they need specifically. With the help of this they will be able to develop their concerned areas of development.

Student’s own individuality and respect are also a chief factor for their overall development. Traditional form of education does fulfill this need of the students which personalised form of education can provide more. So, personalised form of education strengthens the fact of the efficiency in education.

Joe Williams, executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, says “I’m not talking about having computers in classrooms, but rather a lack of any seismic shift in the way things are done because technology is making the work easier or more efficient.”

  • Effective student interaction

Students can have a better and flexible social access with the help of technology. They can interact with other personalities. This will provide them an interesting scope to reach the outside of the classroom which will help them towards getting better education.

Hadley Ferguson, executive director of the Edcamp Foundation, agrees: Kids can “reach out beyond the walls of their classrooms to interact with other students, other teachers, and renowned authors, scientists, and experts to enhance their learning,”

  • Teachers will always be the monarch

The teachers will always remain at the topmost position of education although the powerful intensity of technology. It is to be kept in mind that education should be influenced by technology and not controlled by it. We should not concentrate on technological features in education. Rather we should concentrate on education itself. The teachers will remain the controller of both education and technology affecting education. Teachers will be responsible for blending education and technology in such a way that the value of education and the imposition of technology only aimed towards education’s fulfillment remain constant.

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Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of General Assembly, says “‘Online’ is not a cure-all for education issues in this country, but it can help provide greater access to new skills training,” he says. “This is powerful when combined with curricula and programming created and led by practitioner educators. The human factor is always important.”

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Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academies comments “Today, diplomas granted by years in school are the dominant certification of ‘learning.’ Yet, in almost all cases, these diplomas certify nothing other than the fact that the person in question spent x years in school. Competency-based certifications testing specific skills, and bundling individual skills into professional groupings will become a global currency for both employers and job seekers.”

  • Difference from the traditional form of learning

The traditional form of learning follows the rote learning that actually focuses on the students years spent in the school or colleges but the digital form of learning stresses on the performance of the student. So, digital form of learning completely aims towards the effectiveness of education.

It is also another interesting fact that the education in its technical form enables students to identify the specific needs of their professional career. On the other hand, it also provides a scope to the employers to employ a person having relevant knowledge about the service that he/she will be doing. Both the employers and the employees are benefitted by digital education.

  • Let’s adapt innovative education

As stated earlier that the educational technology not only helps education to be effective but also helps it to be innovative which widens both the creative mind of the learner and his/her probabilities for improvement in the future.

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It will not only bring a different mode in education but also will help the students to tackle with the problems arising from their own needs. So the fact of the immediate adaptation of the technical form of education becomes very essential.

Kirsten Saenz Tobey, co-founder of Revolution Foods, says “We’re not quite stacking up to where the rest of the world is. [The U.S.] is feeling the pressure to be the world leader we think we are . . . particularly in math and science.”

Modern education is required for the modern age

If we want to make education reach such a state where it will provide students newer and better possibilities from the traditional mode of education then we should start thinking to incorporate the digital form of education to claim a future with brighter possibilities and notions. Our sincere effort is required to the utmost intensity in order to bring it as it will turn out to be one of our most important requirements in the future.

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