Teachers Are Online: Anytime And Anywhere

With the significant rise of the internet and its productivity of effective and interactive e-learning courses, modern-day education is witnessing a new revolution in its own field. Newer ways with innovative possibilities are being produced rapidly. In this internet-dependant world, a change in all of the aspects of each and every element is, certainly, expected and the change in the mode of education is nothing but a very firm evidence of the continuity of such a change.

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Why online teachers?

Online education obviously requires teachers of a good quality for the complete fulfillment of its mode of learning. Now the question arises why do the teachers need to be available anytime in a day or in the night or even anywhere? The basic answer to this question may be the random availability of other materials through the internet which again can be speculated as the chief reason for the desire to get teachers online not only in any moment of time but also everywhere.
The demand of teachers may also originate from the desire of the students expecting to continue their classes even after the school; college or university hours.

Why are teachers needed?

The fundamental requirement of teachers had remained in the past; it remains in the present and it will surely exist in the future. If teachers were not there, the basic and the most relevant way of learning would have not established itself and also would have not continued over such a long period from the exact time of the ancient ages when it began. If students want to learn, they need teachers and if they want to know, then they need information which the internet can easily provide to them. That is why teaching is much closer to one of the human interactions required for proper learning of the students.

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Is anytime & everywhere teaching available?

Is it possible to guide the students through effective teaching even after the school hours? Or should they be allowed to learn the huge range of data and learning content available in the internet? The possible answers to these questions are controversial but it is certain that the students will get an affirmative effect of the human interaction from a teacher even if the teacher teaches in the online mode. Otherwise the students will only get to know the data in a very mechanical and ineffective way. So, the presence of a teacher should be considered as a more valuable feature than online content.

Advantages of the online tutors

There are various advantages of learning from a teacher in an online mode. Let us go through the following points to have a concept of the privileges derived from the online tutors:

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  • Online tutors are available more than normal class hours of other educational institutions.
  • Online teachers do not provide the direct answers to the students. Instead they aim to guide the students to get the answer as a result achieved by their own effort.
  • Online teachers target towards the students’ specific needs. In this way the students easily get the solution to the problems of their concerned point of confusion.
  • Online facilities of learning from a teacher adds an extra privilege to a student’s learning career providing him more support which helps him/her to be more and more confident.

Modern education: Improved service

It is an indelible fact that teachers are and will be required always as they are one of the integral and essential parts of the entire educational system. The mode of online teaching or the availability of teachers through the online mode strengthens the fact of the importance of the teacher’s involvement in education. If this advantageous process is used in the correct way, then the students as well as the educational system will be benefitted and will also be driven towards a better future where there will be finer privileges, more opportunities and greater possibilities.

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