A Quick Look At The Importance Of Mobile Learning & Ebooks

Mobile learning is gaining momentum worldwide and is rapidly becoming an essential part of training for both employees and businesses. Mobile learning effectively merges education and technology to help us learn about various concepts that cater to our various needs. As more and more learners are accepting M-learning globally, it has currently become one of the hippest learning trends that smartly and successfully uses technology to expand the reach of learning.

Why we need Mobile Learning

In the last few years, we have observed a prominent shift towards the more flexible online learning from the traditional classroom learning methods. This is primarily due to the vast number of benefits e-Learning, as well as mobile learning, offers to the learners such as flexibility, accessibility, convenience, affordability etc. We tend to think about words like freedom, engagement, interactive and empowerment when discussing about M-learning. Hence, it will give you the confidence and ability to better use study materials and information from the internet at any time you want. It has made learning on the go a reality. Now, with the advent of interactive e-books, online and mobile learning is taking education to a whole new level. It has made learning on the go a reality. Now, with the advent of interactive e-books, online and mobile learning is taking education to a whole new level.

What are interactive e-book

Just like any ZIP (.zip) folder, an interactive e-book is basically an assemblage of files, assets and others compiled in to a single independent file. You can easily unpack the file and run it with the help of an e-reader application, like Kindle, Apple iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions or Kobo. However, the question remains that why are interactive e-books an excellent M-learning solution?

Here we have listed 3 great reasons for using e-books to boost your mobile learning experience:

E-books are highly interactive

E-book components are typically developed similar to websites which make it possible for users to experience top-notch interaction. E-books use HTML and CSS in order to offer you design and structure. The fact is, whatever you can do and experience with a website, you can experience it with an e-book.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1IJe9ro

You access E-books online and offline

One of the biggest benefits of e-books is that these are available and can be accessed both online as well as offline, which make it an effective mobile learning solution. Interactive e-books are a helpful and useful solution for users who cannot stay connected to the internet all the time but need continuous access to relevant information. Users can easily download an e-book to their device and access it offline whenever they want.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1TtLM8J

Easy to develop

Creating an interactive e-book is not complicated as there is no need for advanced programming skills. In fact, it can be created by the tools we usually use. Most of the tools that are required to develop an e-book are mostly free or are highly affordable. If you are already using Adobe’s Creative Cloud, then you can easily build e-books with InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite. You can also think about using Sigil, an open source project from Google, as it is a free and effective tool that builds e-books easily.

Interactive e-books can prove to be highly beneficial for you if you are focused on utilising mobile learning for your organisation.

What are your thoughts on mobile learning? Share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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