How Global Synchronous E-learning Market Will Affect Education & Business

According to a new report it has been estimated that the global synchronous e-learning market is set to boost at a CAGR of 18.86% from 2014 to 2019. The Global Synchronous e-learning Market 2015-2019 report was developed through an detailed market analysis and valuable inputs from leading industry experts. The report focused on the global synchronous e-learning market sphere and covered the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

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What is Synchronous e-Learning

Synchronous e-learning is primarily online education in real-time utilising various tools like online forums, chats, instant messaging, video conferencing etc. Experts believe that synchronous e-learning has remarkable expansion prospects in both the corporate & academic sectors. Organisation may opt to improve their staff by training and upgrading them online regarding new strategies & policies, new services, product launches and other formal communications. This may also be used for the benefit of the academic sector as it can help to enhance teacher and student interaction in the online environment. This method of e-Learning also boost accessibility for employees and students who are dispersed geographically. As the synchronous e-learning technology will develop further in the coming future, it will become an essential aspect of every industry.

What the report found

The Global Synchronous E-learning Market 2015-2019 report not only focuses on the existing scenario, but it also covers the prospects of growth for the global synchronous e-learning market between the years 2015 and 2019. To measure the size of the market, the study evaluated the amount of revenue that is from sales as well as subscriptions of synchronous e-learning tools and LMS. Throughout the process of analysing and measuring the revenue generated across sectors in the market, both academic and corporate end-users were considered.

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Advancement of mobile learning

Advent of M-learning or mobile learning is believed to be one of the most prominent trends in the education sector. Today a wide range of smartphones are being extensively used by students, employees and employers worldwide. Many companies are encouraging mobile learning among their staff as it helps in improving their business applications and technological developments. With the growing use of tablets and smartphones in different organisations worldwide, employees can now choose to work flexibly and remotely.

How it helps business

As per the study, a number of organisation are now expanding their business activities to various other territories across the globe. This has resulted in a rising need for better organising collaboration and communication among the business leaders, business partners, customers, clients and employees. Organisations are now using synchronous e-learning tools like web conferencing even more are as it enables them to train and update their employees about marketing their products and services better.

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Moreover, the Global Synchronous E-learning Market 2015-2019 report explains that the shortage of effective IT infrastructure has caused obstacles in the way of adopting new technologies and non-traditional learning modes by academic establishments. Most of the higher education institutions do not get the sufficient funds needed for buying computers and other necessary devices or even installation of software.

The report mentioned the key vendors as –

  • Adobe
  • Cisco Systems
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Saba

What are your thoughts about the report? Feel free to share your views and opinions on the expansion of Global Synchronous E-learning Market by commenting below.

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