Online Learning Is Gaining Ground Over Classroom Learning

With the digital revolution, the definition of education has changed drastically. Now students do not need to study from heavy text books, blackboard and notebooks; instead they are more comfortable with learning on laptops, smartphones and tablets. As the idea of online education has significantly influenced several educational institutions, learning which is limited to the traditional classroom only has now become obsolete.

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Most of the developed and developing countries have already taken the leap towards this advanced and improved form of education; however the pace of adoption widely varies in different nations depending on their preparation and willingness after deliberating the strengths and weaknesses of altering learning modes to modern from traditional.

Restructuring Modern Learning

The classrooms prevalent in universities has proved to be the bedrock of higher education for far too long, when studying online sounded like learning Hebrew to most people.

Aditya Malik, CEO and MD of Talentedge, recently wrote “With technology taking a greater turn in recognition, people are welcoming ‘online -learning’ with open arms as it has redefined new age education by bringing the concept of a classroom beyond the four walls. The next big thing in this space would be mobile learning. ”

For instance, in India the internet penetration is exceptionally high, as the nation has the 3rd largest internet population in the world now with 190 million people, following USA with 275 million and China with 620 million.

Malik added “The advent of the internet has undoubtedly changed our lives, making it inevitable for education to be absorbed entirely online. eLearning has only a few challenges and several beneficial opportunities cinched with it.”

Unmatched Benefits & Facilities

Some of the greatest benefits offered by online education include courses from the leading universities worldwide, high flexibility and convenience, 24/7 access, affordability, instant interactivity, learning at your own pace, excellent growth and job opportunities etc. It also allows the learners to easily access top-notch and high quality education and training from anywhere in the world.

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Online learning is now getting adopted at the primary level and secondary level of education as well. It has been observed that every 3rd institute provides the option for online study to their students. It allows aspiring learners to apply for courses & programmes and earn degrees and certificates from leading universities online. However, if online education can completely replace on campus education is a question for another day.

Making Education Accessible

Talentedge MD and CEO Aditya Malik further wrote “The introduction of technology has not only aided the students but also the faculty, and as a result education is now accessible to everyone. Students now don’t have to depend on the classroom setting that tends to group students together in large numbers, often making it difficult for the faculty to provide the necessary close attention. But online education enables highly effective learning coupled with personal attention owing to an individually-focused communication through e-mails, chats and live video sessions.”

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What do you think about online education? Are you already an online learner? Then feel free to share your opinions and experiences with us by commenting here. We would love to hear from you.

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