How Online Education is a Saviour of our Planet

Are you learning online? If not, then it is about time that you get started to earn your desired degree. The fact is, nowadays most aspiring learners are opting for online education instead of classroom learning and conventional distance learning. With the help of digital education, you can easily learn in a highly flexible, convenient and affordable manner.

Get Quality Education

Now various online courses and MOOCs are are being offered by renowned and reputed universities and colleges worldwide which is enabling learners to pursue quality education right from the convenience of their own home. A new study, based on almost 75,000 course reviews, has found that learners of MOOCs (massive open online courses) are now ready and willing to pay for quality content.

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Coursetalk, a MOOC reviewing service, discovered that paid courses were rated 1.4 times higher by learners than free courses on an average. It was also found that average ratings are likely to increase as the cost of courses rise further. The study was sourced by Coursetalk from 74,297 reviews on 7526 courses that were offered to learners by 46 MOOC providers. According to course ratings, the top 5 MOOC providers were listed as –

  • Treehouse
  • Stanford Online
  • Coursera
  • EdX
  • Code School

The MOOCs that were easier to absorb and navigate, were fun, engaging and interactive and had effective subject matters were usually favoured by the reviewers. Moreover, courses that had efficient delivery and adequate source material with active student forums also received excellent reviews.

A Green Revolution In Learning

Moreover, many educators and students believe that eLearning is the most Eco-friendly way of learning. Just think about how much energy consumption takes place when students commute to their colleges on a daily basis. This results in unaccountable amounts of fuel and CO2 emissions. Moreover, the institutes also consume excessively large amounts of electricity which they require to offer their various service and operate properly every day. None of these elements are applicable in digital learning.

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However, the biggest advantage of online learning is that it helps to save a lot of paper…and I mean a lot! There is no need for text books or notebooks as most of the content will be delivered to you online. Furthermore, you can complete all your assignments and exams on the computer and hence save paper. Did you know that the paper industry is among the biggest energy consumers and and utilises more water than other industries? It is also the 3rd largest industry in terms of creating water, air and land pollution. Paper comprises of more than 40 per cent of all wastes.

But online education does not involve so much energy consumption neither does it result in excessive pollution. You can easily opt to study whenever you want and wherever you are. There is no need for traveling, consumption of fuel or heaps of stationary. All you need to do is connect with the internet and access all your content.

Learn Green & Clean

The truth is online education is the true green learning solution. It not only allows learners to access educational opportunities from even the remote parts of the globe, but it does not require large amounts of energy consumption.

What do you think? Share your opinions and views with us by commenting below.

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