Online Colleges Creating New Jobs To Meet Growing Demands

Do you think studying a business degree can help to give your career the boost it deserves? Well, I can tell you from experience that earning a degree or diploma in business management will certainly give you a professional advantage over other and enable you to achieve your career goals. Not only you will become eligible for a wide range of employment opportunities, you will also be able to advance to management and leadership roles.

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Study Online, Build Your Career

However, the fact remains that studying business has become a very costly affair these days thanks to the rising tuition fees in most universities and business schools. It is primarily for this reason that more and more aspiring learners are now opting for online business education to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and build their careers in the most affordable way. In fact, the demand for online learning is growing so rapidly that several online institutes in the UK and the US are now expanding their offerings. Moreover, many online education platforms are also creating new jobs to cope with the growing demand of their courses.

Growing Job Opportunities

Virtual College, based in Ilkley in West Yorkshire, Northern England, is gearing up to recruit 25 qualified professionals, even though it currently has more than 100 employees. As the company reaches it’s 20th anniversary, it is ready to expand further. Virtual College, a pioneer in the online education sphere, currently has a wide array of available jobs at different levels ranging from administration, sales and technical roles.

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Rob Knox, chief executive of the firm, said “In June 2013, we celebrated one million online learners. Since then the number has increased to 1.7 million, a huge increase of 70 per cent, in just 2 years.” His enthusiasm was shared by the HR manager Fiona Robinson, who said “We work in a rapidly changing sector working on exciting, cutting edge projects for organisations from the NHS and Home Office to courses for schools and caterers. The chances are that you or someone in your family has already taken one of our online courses and if you haven’t already, you will soon.”

The Virtual College, established in 1995, offers over 300 different online courses, including business administration, and experiences over 1,000 new learners every day form private and public sector businesses. The platform was listed among Europe’s top 20 e-learning companies in last year’s European EdTech 20 rankings. Knox added “This was a strong endorsement of the company’s innovation and strategy to build more meaningful e-learning for companies and learners.”

Growing Demand For Online Degrees

Apart from this, there are many other job opportunities that online business graduates like you can avail in different sectors and industries. Most of the startups as well as established business now look for trained professionals who possess the basic business skills. This is where your online degree will help you.

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Today online business education has gained immense popularity worldwide both among individual students and organisations. As a result, many leading universities and B-schools in UK are now offering business programmes to aspiring learners to meet the rising demands. When you earn an accredited business degree from a reputed UK business school by online study, you can be rest assured about getting the highest quality education with high levels of flexibility, convenience and affordability.

Hence, you will be able to easily access the content over the internet and study right from the comfort of your home or workplace at any time you want. What’s more, you can choose to do a full time or part time job while you earn your degree. This will help you to add significant value to your CV and earn a recognised degree without emptying your bank or taking out a student loan.

Get The Best Opportunities

Moreover, as most employers are now recognising and accepting online business degrees, you will get the best employment opportunities and have a specific edge over your competitors. This will empower you to land a lucrative job or get the next big promotion. If you ask me, online business study is one of the best ways of building your career and achieving your goals.

Are you an online learner? How will you land your dream job? Share your views and experiences with us by leaving your comments below.

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