Online Education Is The Ideal Answer To UK Government’s Removal Of Grants

Do you wish to earn a degree from UK? Although it can be a great idea to earn a recognised degree from a reputed UK university, with hiking tuition fees it simply does not appear feasible for most aspiring learners. Moreover, with the UK government planning to cut down grants offered to the poorest university students, it is going to be even more financially challenging for you to pursue UK university courses. Now UK ministers are rethinking the proposals to phase out grants that were initially discussed back in 2013.

Is Higher Education For Poor Students?

At present, over 500,000 students across England receive the maintenance grant, which is worth around a total of £1.57bn per year. Furthermore, learners who are from households with less than £25,000 income receive a grant of £3,387 every year. Eliminating the grant entirely will result in saving about £2 billion in 3 years; whereas limiting eligibility or altering a part of individual grants to loans would result in much lower savings.

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Nick Hillman of the Higher Education Policy Institute, former Conservative adviser,thinks that this is almost unavoidable. He said “BIS is one of the departments that no political party promised to protect, and this is one of the very big items in BIS’s budget, so I do think it’s likely to happen, yes. To be honest, although it causes big problems – it will mean bigger debts for students including poorer students – it is better than reducing the number of university places.”

However, as of now government sources have not made any comment on the proposal yet neither have the authorities denied it. In case the government plans to move ahead with the plans to get rid of university grants for UK’s most underprivileged students, then it will certainly make a horrible mistake. This will surely be contrary to the most marked message of the Conservative party that it will make sure if you work hard then you will get rewarded.

Can You Study A University Degree Anymore?

I believe that removing financial support for helping young people pursue education will have grim implications. Numerous talented students from humble families, who have worked hard to secure excellent grades, will end up with heavy student debts and end up deep in poverty, when they decide to pursue a university degree. Moreover, many other students will be discouraged from attending colleges or universities and further their education.

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The truth is millions of students across the UK simply cannot afford to pursue expensive university education. Here comes the strong need for government grants. Although, higher education institutions also award scholarships and bursaries, the truth is these are simply not enough.

Megan Dunn, vice president of the National Union of Students, believes that removing grants can be “detrimental” for needy students and would avert aspiring learners from applying for UK universities. She said “We know that our poorest students are the most likely to be deterred by debt, but it could also affect where students choose to live and which courses to take. It will mean staying at home instead of moving into halls or shared accommodation and applying for shorter courses to reduce costs.”

Dunn added “If grants are cut, it could mean the cost of student loans will go up for everyone or repayment conditions will get tougher than they already are. This is yet another unreasonable barrier to accessing higher education.”

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Earn A Degree Without Debt

So if you wish to avoid getting burdened with heavy student debt and yet earn a recognised UK degree, then I would suggest you pursue an online course. The fact is now you can find several accredited online programmes offered by leading colleges and universities in UK. I believe studying online diploma courses from UK is one of the most effective and simplest solutions to the problem at hand. Most online degree courses are highly affordable and charge only a fraction of the fees asked by traditional universities. When you pursue an online diploma from a reputed UK institute, you can be rest assured about receiving quality education and earning a recognised degree without feeling the crippling effects of high student loans.

Moreover, as you will get excellent flexibility and convenience, you can choose to study and gain work experience simultaneously and add significant value to your CV. It will help you get the best job opportunities and build a thriving career.

How are you planning to earn a UK degree? Share your views, opinions and concerns with me by leaving your comments in the box below. I would love it if you add to the discussion.

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