Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Hunt in 2014


Are you looking for a new job? Then you must follow the best job hunting tips that will help you to grab your dream job. In this present economy, getting a job has become really difficult. Thus you need to improve your job search strategies to get better employment opportunities that will suit your interests and skills. Gone are the days when you could simply upload your resume on job search engines and wait for the interview. Now you need to be active in order to make sure that the recruiters call you for the interview, instead of your competitors.

Due the constant advancement of technology, employers are following new methods for finding the right candidates for the right positions. Hence you need to plan ahead and take the proper steps to boost your job hunt. These job hunting tips will help you to find better job vacancies and improve your chances of getting hired in 2014.


Be Unique in Your Approach

Make sure that you are not a clone of any other candidate. Job hunting and interviews are a personal experience and every candidate should have a different approach that will best represent their personality and their skills. A particular interview strategy which may be effective for someone else may not prove to be right for you. Thus you need to create your own strategy based on your career objectives, preferences and personal experiences. This will help you to present yourself as a unique applicant during the interview.

Personalise Your Resume

Your resume or CV is the first thing that prospective employers see and so you must make your resume stand out from the others. Instead of having a general CV for all vacancies, you should customise your resume and the cover letter based on requirements of each job opportunity you apply for. This will help you to market yourself better for every job interview. You also need to make sure that you update your resume frequently and include any new skills that you may have acquired recently.

Be Open-Minded

It is important that you do not have any preconceived notions about any particular job designation. Success is about making the best of the opportunities provided to you. In today’s scenario jobs in administration, human resource, compliance etc have changed to a great extent and are not considered as career-limiting opportunities. Hence you need to open to any opportunity you get, as it will help you to gain experience which will be beneficial for you in the future.

Improve Your Online Presence

Nowadays, most of the employers around the world are including social media in the recruitment process. Before you even appear for the interview, your prospective employer will have an impression about you from your online presence in various social media platforms.

You need to make sure your online profiles make your appear professional and show you in good light. Review your posts in different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Remove or modify any posts, comments or images which might present you poorly to the recruiters. Moreover make sure the employers are able to find you online in the first place.

Use Job Search Engines Effectively

Job search engines can be a great tool in your job hunt if you utilise them


properly. Make sure you upload a recently updated resume and your profile is 100% complete. This will let the employers get a better understanding about your personality, qualifications, experience and interests. It can significantly increase your chances of getting an interview call. Search jobs more efficiently on the websites by scanning the categories that are most relevant to your profile.

Use Social Media for Job Search

Social media can be a great resource for searching recent jobs openings. Use social media in a strategic manner that will help you identify job opportunities. Follow the pages and profiles of companies that you desire to work with and learn about their online hiring procedures. Moreover, try to increase your network and connect with the hiring managers for your preferred companies. Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be a great tool in your job hunt as you will know about recent announcements on job openings.

Improve your Network

It is also important that you improve your networking with your seniors, peers, colleagues and friends who are working in other reputed companies. Make sure that you are the person that your friends and peers refer to the employers when there is a new job opening. They can also provide honest performance appraisal for you and uphold your professional reputation to prospective recruiters. However, this can also have negative impact on your job search as it is solely depended on your personal relation with your peers and colleagues.

Be Honest About Yourself

Do not claim to have any skills or show any achievements that are not fully true. Present yourself realistically to the employers. It can become risky for your future career if you claim to have more than what you can actually deliver.

Apart from these, you can find some other important job search tips for 2014 below-

  • Google your name frequently to make sure you are visible online.
  • Search for jobs that suit your qualifications and skills.
  • Always use your personal e-mail for sending job applications. Do not use your present work e-mail for this purpose.
  • Know which industry you want to work in. Research the companies that you find most desirable.
  • Make sure you set short term and practical goals.
  • Keep track of the applications sent and interviews attended.
  • Learn about the company before going for the interview.
  • Work on improving yourself and review your own progress.

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