Are Educational Grants Utilised Properly Everywhere?

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Educational grants for higher studies are being utilised in somewhat dicey ways in Britain. Almost all universities are entitled to receive £9,000 a year for each home or undergraduate students of EU. But, how this grants are spent is, however, not very clear. Some portion of this huge money is recycled in bursaries for students who belong to lower-income families. Then there are running costs, staff salaries, expenditure on books, cost for teaching rooms etc.

Are Grants Spent on Worthy Things?

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That is the way it is at least shown. Many universities proclaim justification for their higher course fees, showing that they have converted dusty storerooms into trendy cafes and classy computer clusters. They spend a lot on painting their compounds and rooms. And, as the cleanliness measure, they scraped off all the chewing gums that stuck underside of the library desks. These are where many universities plan their budget on.

Underneath the noble purpose of higher educational institutions, what is actually taking place is something very cynical. This sort of expense might not be what was targeted to do betterment on. Noticeably, this sort of affairs is occurring by stealth and in spooky manner. This might be quite surprising, but this is actually happening.

AHRC Reforms its Funding

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There is another huge grant, until now that has been enjoyed by students of MA. Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have now taken a rigid decision in its university funding. Until now every students who have been pursuing their master’s degree in Arts and Humanities have been entitled to receive a fund provided by the council. But, later on many of these MA students were observed to break away from their academic stream in pursuit of other jobs.

Student Attitude            

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One cannot, however, blame these students totally for diverting into another stream of jobs. A student who aims at building an academic career, say as a lecturer, at least requires ten long years to make that from the time of his undergraduate level study. Now, everybody does not have the vanity to study for such a prolonged time, especially, seeing the tight situation of job market everywhere, so, many of them felt alluring to get into jobs first.

However, AHRC also took a discreet decision by withdrawing such funds for MA students. They found it irrelevant to spend money on the ones who are not yet sure of their future career. Now, they are only providing funds for the doctoral level students in Arts and Humanities, who are more likely to pursue a career in academic in future.

Government must take direct initiative into administering the spending of the grants it issues. To ensure the quality of education and aid it provides for the weak but talented students, government must have to ensure that the funds are spent on right things.

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