MOOCs Show The Wide Popularity Of Online Education

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The conception of MOOCs has given birth to a whole new trend in education system, and the trend is going on so well as to change the concept of teaching and learning. Millions of students all over the world are getting benefited by studying high quality courses through MOOCs. And, what is most important about this trend set by MOOCs is that people have recognised the huge possibilities of online learning.

With great response from mass population across the globe, many education technology start-ups are repositioning themselves according to the changing demands of education. 2013 was a year of innovations in new education technology, which points out towards the growing craze for online education

MOOCs to Cover Common Core Areas Also

In 2012, MOOCs providers targeted mainly the sphere of higher education. This target, however, made a step further when they introduced their implementations in Common Core education standards. Therefore, education technology providers started taking measures around K-12 education in 2013. A continuous development in devising new technologies for fresh requirements is evolving everyday in online education. The growth until now is quite considerable. One of the most prominent MOOCs providers, Coursera’s investor GSV Advisors believes that e-learning will touch a $155 billion global business by 2017, which is a thorough 23% growth in the five years from 2012.

More Accessibility is Required

What more needs to be done is to make such free online education accessible to the students with very minimum resources, until now which has been the area for some privileged ones. The technological measure one requires to access is not always easily available for the students from very humble economic background. Education technologists must make emphasis on this issue, and take serious steps to design truly low-cost devices that students from every financial category can consider on.

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MOOCs for Employee Training

MOOC programmes which have been running until now without any course fees, has now planning to make some revenues through employee training for the corporations like Google and many others. Udacity has recently announced its planning on employee training programmes. With many other initiatives from Coursera, Stanford University and University of Phoenix etc, to build on the $135 billion global corporate training market, online education is expected to grasp every other sphere of education. Coursera has signed dozens of contracts with universities. And, the result was in its outstanding growth of fund reaching $85 million.

Shifting to Online Learning Must be Fast

But, what MOOC providers must have faced as their limitations is to provide full-length programmes, whereon students could not get credits and necessary certifications. But, what MOOCs undoubtedly showed is the great possibilities of addressing larger number of students. This, anyway, shows so vast an opportunity for online education, which colleges and universities, though lately, have understood, and started offering many courses online. The process needs even rapider pace to meet the hardships and challenges that many students are facing to connect themselves with their desired courses.

 People who are still unaware of the real advantages of online learning should come forward to understand how online education can help them going smoothly with their preferred studies, which they cannot with regular institutional studies.


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