Distance Education is Sweeping out the On-Campus Colleges


Top universities of the world are consistently moving towards easy access to education. San Jose University in San Jose is propelling a new online programme to offer remedial classes.  To get the necessary online infrastructure the university partners with Udacity.

The California State University is the largest university system in the US to offer online degree courses. As the New York Times refers, California Governor Jerry Brown has been encouraging schools to adopt online classes as the affordable way of education. CSU Chancellor Timothy White says that online courses can be beneficial to extend access to the popular “bottleneck” courses, and entry-level programmes to help students move on to classes for majors.

Experts See the Enormous Potentiality


Dr. Katherine Cohen, CEO and founder of IvyWise, a company that provides education counselling and tutorials to the students, says, “Distance learning has been taken to a whole new level in recent years with the introduction of MOOCs (massive open online courses) taught by well-respected professors from revered universities, including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web”. She also points out that these online education initiatives provide people unprecedented access to higher studies. And, students from anywhere in the world can access to these programmes at much affordable rate.

Worldwide Network Building

But, Cohen’s apprehension that online students will miss the real experience of college where network among them lasts for lifetime and culminates in professional connections is not altogether acceptable. Online learning not only enables students planning degree from home, it also places them into an international student community where potential connections are in abundance with online learning and probabilities of building professional networks is not at all negligible in online learning medium.

Career-Centric Learning


Moreover, spending four years in college for a degree that does not make any job guarantee questions the utility of typical college experience. In the worldwide employment scenario where employers expect work-based experience more than an academic qualification, job-oriented learning is more beneficial in all context. With distance learning medium easy-accessible online degree programmes from home lead to work involvement parallel to study. Online learning’s real advantage lies in its sole focus on skill developing curricula.

Another big reason why distance learning is becoming so promising way towards career-centric education is the direct participation of employers into formatting the course content. The shared views involving universities, students and employers result in designing better curriculum for the students’ job prospect.

Flexibility that comes along distance learning enables students to make their own study schedule as per convenience. Because of this liberty of time to study, they can easily take apprenticeships or jobs relevant to their subjects. This experiential learning mode advances them to be high claimants for international employments.

Cost makes a great lot of difference as well. Where degrees offered by brick and mortar institutions are getting constantly expensive, distance learning provides solution to worldwide students to get their degree from home and that too with too less an investment made.

Thus, distance learning announces its presence with a strong impact and its future as the only mode of education the world may find.


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