Assign your Classroom Experience Simply to your I-Pad Now

Is anything more than i-Pad necessary today to get your classroom study going? The answer is ‘No’.


Technology has really gone too far where everything is possible. The ways of doing ordinary things have become unexpectedly extraordinary suddenly, and you get the surplus benefits that you even could not think about before. Information technology has done much to your advantage so far your time consumption in your learning sessions is concerned. Now, you can avoid the much-trodden track for the way that enables you doing things in your own way.

A New Outlook

Having an I-Pad to replace the age-old classroom learning is much like that, where you can plan your own study routine and pace your own design of learning in full throttle. All you need to do is downloading four simple apps – Explain Everything, You Tube, Evernote, and Penultimate.

Explain Everything


Explain Everything is where teacher and students can record presentations, lessons, pen movement and images.  So, with this app you can enjoy recorded content from you teacher, and have him/her watch your assignments uploaded to this app site as well. It is a great economy of time and place where you can easily evade the time consuming in-person classroom session, and make your customised way of learning comfortably wherever you are.



Your Youtube app enables you to explore the limitless access to the mammoth-sized video storage library (I would call it). So far learning is about listening to the lectures of professors video files can do the job easily, but storage it takes to save massive number of files is impossibly large. No personal system is large enough to match the need. Accessing your Youtube account you get all your necessary pre-recorded lecture sessions, and keep your study moving without much worries of going anywhere. From your home, you can access your targeted lecture sessions, and study amidst the peaceful atmosphere at home.



With your Evernote account you can make your own folder to store your assignments, notes, web clips, images and audio that your teachers examine, and get back to you about your learning skills. Your improvements and thoughts are getting continuously familiar to your teachers, and they can assess your improvements and deficiencies from the distance. Meanwhile, you can get the more time and space to concentrate on your own learning developments.



Your Penultimate app gives you the liberty to create sketchpads for freehand work and drawing. You will get 4paper types which will auto-sync to your Evernote account. So, you can watch what your teachers teach about any theory with schematic demonstrations. There are absolutely marvellous applications with these apps. Teachers and students can communicate mutually, ignoring every difficulty of time and distance.

This is actually the latest idea of educational methods where possibilities are unlimited. Instead of wasting your time in commuting you get the opportunity to focus on the core skill-enhancement issues with your easy and potential learning method. You can extend your learning prospect to international level, because apart from your own teachers you can watch the valuable lectures delivered by eminent teachers and professors around the world. Your friend circle also expands to the limit of infinity. Besides your classmates you can establish friendship with many international students of your grade. So, is not it the latest and best idea of learning method?


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