Universities Considering Twitter a Vital Tool for Connecting Students


Source: bit.ly/1818zj7
Source: bit.ly/1818zj7

Gone are those days when the university administrators used to wait for the students to attend classrooms, and thereafter, the lecture sessions used to kick off and continue for hours. Whatever information had to be collected by the students from their professors were done within that specific time frame, and once they left the campus, there were no scope of any reconnection between the two. In other words, students remained dependent on their classrooms for gathering knowledge or accumulating relevant news. Today, the scenario has drastically changed, and the factor that has stood responsible is Twitter.

Social networking activities are pervading everywhere

Believe it or not, the trend has changed and students now talk more about social networking. Top-notch universities are connecting students through social media and this has rather helped a lot of students to make their lives easy and convenient. Indeed, social media has exploded today with the intention to enhance university education standards. Libraries, faculties and even security guards are having their personal Twitter accounts. Moreover, reports say:

  • In Europe, around 75% of the students are making use of Twitter in diverse aspects
  • 42% of the students under 20 are using social media to stay updated

In this respect, University College London’s professor of inorganic chemistry, Andrea Sella said, “There’s a real need to make sure that students remain engaged. Finding innovative ways to get students interested and connected is a crucial part of what I think teaching is becoming.”

Twitter – an effective tool for educating students

Source: bit.ly/1jv5o5h
Source: bit.ly/1jv5o5h

What academic experts are opining about Twitter is that it can be used as a tool to reach students, share quality content and disseminate information to them. One of its notable features is that it scores high in terms of sustaining a true social nature, which means that Twitter allows people to:

  • Throw questions and sort out queries
  • Initiate discussions
  • Participate in debates

As a result, people get the opportunity to sharpen their abilities to think critically. So, no matter what subject an individual studies, participating in online debates helps him/her to develop relevant knowledge and skills. Since Twitter operates on a public platform, solving university queries never seems to be a daunting task.

How Twitter discussions are proving effective?

When asked a question on the capability of Twitter discussions in benefitting students, one of the students of the University of Manchester said that making use of social media brings brilliant results in enhancing one’s educational standards. “They give much quicker responses than posting on discussion boards, as people tend to check social media more regularly. And students can help each other so you don’t have to wait for a lecturer to respond…..” he said.

One of the students of Kings College London said that Twitter is simply incredible since it plays a key role in making students remain engaged to their respective courses. Plenty of online course pursuers have moreover agreed to the constant assistance which Twitter had been providing them to complete their higher studies. Working professionals who have been studying online have also found to be immensely benefited from this social networking platform.

So, it can be said that a day is sure to come when top universities would only depend on Twitter and not their classrooms. Education would therefore become more pleasurable with the availability of such interactive platforms, and universities would not have to compel students for attending monotonous lectures.



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