Distance Learning – A Brilliant Initiative to Stop Bullying

Getting bullied in school is no doubt a common story for students today. Although many parents try taking initiatives to keep their child protected, the same story keeps on repeating year after year. School administrators despite taking legal actions fail to stop these nonsensical incidents which in turn affect the lives of many students at a very young age.

The National Association of School Psychologists says that the most common form of violence in our society is nothing but bullying. In the United States, around 30% of the students were found to be either aggressors or victims in regard to this indecent act. Although bullying can be done verbally and emotionally, almost a quarter of a million students on an average were reported to be physically attacked while attending schools.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1aDxMyU

As per reports brought by traditional institutions, bullying was identified to be the major cause of keeping students away from attending schools and colleges daily. Surprisingly, it was found that 160000 students on an average preferred staying home instead of attending schools. In fact, the consequences were so unpleasant that it made a lot of students lose concentration, ruin health conditions, suffer from depression and opt for social isolation.

Now, the question is, “What is the best solution to restrict students from falling prey to bullying?”

The answer is distance or online learning.

The Vice President of Education for James Madison High School and Ashworth College, Leslie Gargiulo said, “Online high school is an effective and affordable way for students to get a quality education and earn a diploma within the comfort and safety of their home.

He also said that a lot of online schools today understand and are absolutely aware of the fact that how frustrating it is for students who get bullied almost daily. “I’m glad that we can offer them a solution that will help them meet their education goals,” commented Leslie.

As per the Executive Director of the Distance Education and Training Council, Michael Lambert, many parents after seeing their children in trouble have taken decisions to keep their little ones at home for education. In fact, a lot of parents today have started realising the importance of distance learning and have therefore encouraged their sons and daughters to study with convenience, effectiveness and within their means.

On the other hand, a survey report created by the Charity Beat Bullying said that there were around 44% of suicides committed in the United Kingdom due to bullying. As per the Office of National Statistics:

–         At least 26 out of 50 cases are related to bullying

–         Children committing suicide fall in the age range of 10 to 14 years

–         65% of the suicides have been found to be committed by girls

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/16yZP0G

So, here are 3 ways through which distance learning would prove helpful for one’s safety:

  • With the option of distance learning, students would be able to study in the comfort of their own homes, and parents would therefore remain aware of their learning styles.
  • Being a distance learner, one would be able to communicate with his/her instructors and classmates through a webcam. No physical attendance would be necessary.
  •  While pursuing an online learning course, a student would have to remain attentive towards the lessons taught in the virtual classroom. So, being at home, there will be no question of losing concentration because parents would play a key role in ensuring it. In contrast, this will be a big issue in a brick and mortar institution.

Well, if your own child or any of your near ones are suffering with these bullying issues, the decision to let them study through distance learning would always prove helpful in terms of their safety. Moreover, a distance learner would learn how to accomplish his/her assignments with sheer dedication and absolute independence.

So, what can be a better way than letting your child take up a distance learning course at home and stop him/her from getting bullied unnecessarily? Think over it!!


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