Tuition Fees are not Going Up, that’s a Promise, says Nick Clegg

Why should tuition costs be raised to provide quality education to students? This question has compelled the Deputy Prime Minister of London, Nick Clegg to dive into a pool of worries while interacting with a small crowd of students. Thereafter, he came up with a promise that tuition fees would not be raised to £16,000.

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Tuition fees will not go up, assures Nick Clegg

Professor Andrew Hamilton, Oxford’s Vice-chancellor declared last week that more tuition fees must be charged since it takes around £16,000 on a yearly basis to educate a university student. The MPs of the Liberal Democrats on the other hand have predicted that by the year 2015, forgiveness will be granted to the party for abandoning its pledge for pre-election to go up against any hike in tuition costs.

Clegg said with confidence, “Don’t worry, we’re not going to raise tuition fees to £16,000”. Besides, the deputy prime minister also urged the young group of students to keep aside the polemic encounters and other controversies against the exorbitant rise of £9,000 on tuition fees. He also said that students will not be entitled to pay any upfront cost under the coalition system. Clegg admitted that no one else knows better than him that how controversial these issues can be in British politics.

See the system’s truth, not the allegations, urges Lib Dem’s Leader

All the potential students were asked by the leader of the Liberal Democrats to witness and analyse the truth of the system rather than concentrating on the allegations that were earlier thrown at it. The leader said that there is a huge difference between these two which students must understand correctly.

The Lib Dem leader’s intention was crystal clear in his words, “Whether you agree or disagree with the policy, whether you think it’s right or wrong, the really important thing to remember, and it’s been forgotten in the anger and all the rest of it, is if you’re an eligible student you don’t have to pay anything up front at all and you don’t pay back if you can’t

Government to write off debts of graduates, adds Clegg

In addition to it, Clegg said that the government will be writing off debts of a good number of graduates, as what has been suggested by the majority of estimates. He further said, “It is ironic the ticket price has gone up, but actually what you have to pay out every month and every week has gone down.”

It was an event where the leader of the Liberal Democrats was speaking with the intention to open the government and Telefónica-backed London Academy named Wayra UnLtd that approves start-ups dealing in social venturing, seed-funding and also mentoring. So, Clegg unlocked the scheme and registered his name.

Clegg said that the demand of entrepreneurship is high in UK where people of the younger generation are constantly seeking new opportunities through digital technology. In fact, he concluded with enthusiasm that a time would come when initiatives like Wayra UnLtd would unlock incredible opportunities for career professionals who would be able to not only enhance their business standards but strengthen their social ventures as well.

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