Future of Cloud Computing is Bright, Employment Opportunity High

Recently, an annual survey was done by the North Bridge Venture Partners and GigaOM Research on the aspects of cloud computing in the near future and it was one of the largest surveys in the industry. With around 57 partners, the survey was the broadest till date and it examined about the opportunities in the field of cloud computing. There were more than 855 participants including various businessmen, IT professionals and cloud vendors.

Source: bit.ly/1def8NT

The results came out on the favour of cloud computing and the key findings were:

  • Business of any kind has adopted cloud computing in its services.
  • IT has been investing a lot to match up to and support the consumers who have graduated from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud).
  • Cloud computing has been helping the organisations to secure the information and data and meet complex challenges regardless of the technological glitches with the help of cloud environments.
  • Cloud computing helps in storing a huge amount of data and it in turn is helping the various businesses.

The survey also showed the need of using cloud computing. It pointed out to the various pitfalls which an organisation might experience by not incorporating the cloud in their server as well as how and why one should adopt the same for the betterment of an organisation. All the respondents had their own views regarding cloud computing and the panel considered all the views and only then they came up with their findings. The survey also found out that the companies are changing with the revolution. Also, they are getting benefitted with cloud computing. This, in turn, is making their business endeavours successful as well.

So, what is the future of cloud computing in the IT industry?

  •   It was said that by the end of 2012, the cloud market will grow by 19.6% and will reach staggering revenue of $109 billion, and the same happened.
  • SaaS was forecasted to be at the top by 2012 and now, it is believed that IaaS will take the lead by 2016.
  • North America will be the greatest in the growth in this sector by gaining 61% more revenues by 2016 and it will be followed by Western Europe which will have a share of 17%.
  • Cloud computing will thrive in the IT sectors as six out of top seven largest growing areas in cloud application is in IT, i.e. systems management, mobile technology, helpdesk and security, big data, and backup/DR/BC.

What is the job market for cloud computing?

Recently, IDC presented a report regarding cloud-based jobs and the findings were that by 2015, cloud-related jobs in IT will increase by seven million globally.

  • Internationally, almost two-third of the organisations are implementing or planning to implement cloud computing in their work and more than 50% of the companies agree to the fact that cloud computing is one of their high priorities.
  • However, there are some companies who are still apprehensive about the expertise of cloud computing and doubts about the fact that how much it can help in data storage and its security.
  • This apprehension is said to be there because of the fact that the employees are not well aware of what cloud computing is all about. Hence, this lack of experience as well as knowledge about the field results in low employment in the cloud positions.
  • As cloud computing is a thriving field in IT, experts are of the view that the growth in this field will become broader in the future and by 2015, the cloud positions will grow by 26% yearly.

How to make people aware of the proficiency of cloud computing?

The above findings have made the fact quite clear that the lack of information among the employees have resulted in lesser employability in cloud computing. However, there are many cloud computing courses available online, which aims at making the students befriend the most recent facts and information about the field. But not all online courses are good and before choosing one, the learner should be cautious enough.

For the employees, going for a regular degree course will be impossible. Hence, the online courses are the only option left for them. These online courses in cloud computing, from a reputed UK University, will undoubtedly make the learners avail all the information about the field.

So, if you too were excited about grabbing a career in cloud computing, you should study computing and systems development online and see how it takes your career at the highest peak of success.


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