Earn an online degree from ARU and be positive about your career

Recently, a survey was conducted by the High Flier Research and it shows that almost 70% of the graduates are beginning their search for employment before gaining their degrees and on an average, there are almost 7.1 applications for job per students. The graduates of 2013 are believed to be the most optimistic ones who have higher prospects of getting jobs since the past 15 years. This was the key result of the research.

Nearly half of the students, i.e. around 44% of them believe that they will get themselves a job by the time they finish their degree courses. The survey was conducted among 18,252 students who are in their final year of graduation and it clearly showed how much confident they are about their employment.

The High Flier Research, who basically specialises in the students and graduate researches, showed that the students of 2013 are three times more secured about their employment. They had already completed an internship and 36% of them have already got an offer letter from their internship companies. Only 11% haven’t yet got an offer but still they are sure about making it big in the future.


Source: bit.ly/1a9PA7I

The students also expect a high salary structure and with the start of the economy squeeze since 2008, the first time salary for the students is expected to be around £22,800. The director of the research group, Martin Birchall, said that the survey only showed “how hard today’s university students are working to secure a job at the end of their degree”. This, according to him, is really great.

Another reason which is found about this high percentage of optimism in the students is that they are now aware of a lot of alternative options which can lend them with handsome work profiles. One of them is the various online degrees. The learners know well that how much revolution has been carried out in the education system in the past few years, and also they know well that the online degree courses are suitable enough to lend them with additional knowledge about their subjects.

Apart from gaining the regular college degree, they can always enrol in an online course offered by the reputed UK Universities and by the time they end their regular course, they will have an additional online degree to support their knowledge about the subject.


Today, employers are constantly seeking for candidates who have the most well-run and modernised knowledge about their genre and who will have sufficient degrees to support the same. Hence, these online degrees are like helping hands for the candidates who help them to get a job, with an additional acceptance by their bosses.

Being in the UK, the students know it well that they will not have to worry about opting for a reputed online course. The various renowned UK universities are now offering a range of courses online. One of the universities is the Anglia Ruskin, which offers the business courses as well as psychology courses extensively to the candidates. Anglia Ruskin distance learning courses are safe, less expensive as well as promises the candidates 100% job satisfaction by the end of it.

ARU has its own charm and has a history dated back to 1858. Hence, ARU distance courses will only ensure that the students get the most out of their online learning, the expert educators and the most modernised course materials offered by them are the topmost in all respect.

Students of 2013 are technologically advanced and they also know well how to make use of this technology in the best possible manner. They, with the help of these online courses, now try to step ahead in the future with a much confident demeanour.


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