How Beneficial Distance Learning Degree from ARU for You?

As Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, believes that the regular university lectures will soon get wiped off by the online courses, the universities are now moving ahead with their online course plans. Many of the reputed UK universities are now offering a host of courses online. So much so, that these courses can now be availed by the international students as well. This actually makes the online degrees much more desirable for the learners.

By the end of 2012, eleven UK universities announced to be providing their courses online. They wanted to follow what Coursera and edX had to offer. Following their footsteps, the London’s Open University came up with the idea of FutureLearn, i.e. a platform where students from all around the globe can acquire the degree they are interested in, from the reputed universities in UK.

UK Universities providing the best online courses

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UK has always been an educational hub with the most promising universities. Due to this reason, students from each and every part of the world try at least once to get through the universities in UK. However, due to strict visa rules along with huge hike in course fee in addition to the conveyance cost, food and lodging cost is huge and therefore, even the interested students take a step back.

Previously, many potential candidates couldn’t fulfil their dreams about learning in UK but now with the advent of the online courses offered by the same universities have led them see their dreams in a new way. The foremost fact which encourages them to apply to these online courses is that they are cheap and are also accredited as per the UK educational norms. The only thing which they initially need is a proper guidance about choosing the right online courses from UK.

Go to UK from your bedroom

Peter Scott, the Director of Knowledge Media Institute of London’s Open University once said, “In the online world you don’t need to fill buildings or lecture theatres with people and you don’t need to be trapped into a lecture timetable.” He said this in lieu of the online courses which were then tried to be offered to the students worldwide.

He was absolutely true. If you had dreams of going to Oxford but you thought it won’t be possible due to various unavoidable bindings, you might follow your dream now by applying to the courses online, from the universities you like. Technology have made things easier for us and now it is no more a matter of awe when we say that one can now earn a degree from UK sitting at his/her bedroom.

Why do online degrees from Anglia Ruskin University matters?

If you are a fan of the UK universities and had dreams about going there to get yourself a degree of your choice, you are bound to hear about the Anglia Ruskin University. It is one of the renowned and the largest universities in the eastern England. Its campuses are there in Peterborough, Cambridge and Chelmsford and have a history of academic excellence dating back to the year of 1858.

The university have own a host of recognition and awards and the alumnus of this university are in great demand all over the world. Almost 90% of the graduates from the university are placed in the topmost firms in managerial positions. The best part of the university is that they now offer their courses online as well.

The university has a host of different degree programmes and the most rewarding of them are now offered online for the students all around the globe. So, no matter whether you are from India or Indonesia, Africa or America, you can always enrol in a degree programme under ARU, sitting at your own home.

The distance learning from Anglia Ruskin University will undoubtedly make your dreams come true. With the degree of your choice, you can always get yourself a career which you have wished for so long. Try going through the courses offered by them on your laptop and if it has the one matching your background, apply right away. Why not take a chance and move ahead with your career plans rather sitting idle and finding ways of how to change your current position?

So, get ready today itself and apply for an online course from the ARU. These are cheap, flexible and updated with the most recent facts and information.


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