Why MBA in Global Food Industry?

Do you know the name of one such industry that significantly contributes to the growth and development of all national economies? It’s none other than the food industry that acts as one of the most powerful resources in enhancing a nation’s economic growth. This is one of the reasons why plenty of students after completing school choose to pursue a career in this thriving industry with a vision to grab the most prestigious jobs with fat pay packages. In fact, a growing number of MBA candidates have been found enrolling in the Global Food programme under UK universities that are predicted to witness high enrolment figures in the coming years.



Current Employment Scenario of the Global Food Industry

The global food industry comprises farming, distribution, retail, catering and food production that altogether contributes significantly to the economies on a global scale.

  • Around $5.7 trillion USD was found to be staggering since the year 2009. However, the figure is expected to rise to 7 trillion US dollars by the year 2014.
  • Agricultural products and packaged foods are about to generate a massive revenue of $3.2 trillion USD.
  • Wines, spirits, beers, ciders etc will be valued at 1.4 trillion US dollars.

(Statistical Data Source)

Earning a degree in global food industry is rewarding

The global food industry is ever-expanding and this has turned on an increasing quest among career aspirants having fascination towards food experimentation. This is exactly where the business management courses are scoring high in letting individuals acquire thorough knowledge and skills on the food industry and how it can play a key role in one’s professional growth.

Rather, Food has emerged to be a lucrative subject among MBA aspirants who are now considering it a wise option for career development. Therefore, those who are already serving as executives in a company are heading towards pursuing MBA courses online in Global Food.

Find research note on this by Mark William who published his worked at Scribd with title “Live your dream in a better way with an online degree in MBA Global Food Industry” and by Author Kerry Watson who published research on this issue on 13th May’2013.

So, how profitable is an online MBA degree in Global Food?

Owing to the increasing demand of managers in today’s food and agricultural sectors, earning an MBA degree is turning more and more essential. Moreover, the supply and sourcing in the food sector is becoming highly complex and competitive. Hence, career paths have been let open for professionals who can serve as managers and can therefore operate confidently in multinationals all over the world. In this context, the course for MBA Food Industry has been designed to nurture a manager’s calibre that can help him/her play vital roles in this complex global food industry.


  • Students who expect to work as senior managers in food and agribusiness sectors will find MBA to be a helpful career option.
  •  An MBA degree earned in Global Food will surely benefit planners, academic advisers and even business consultants.
  •  Non EU students will consider an MBA degree to be an added advantage since this will help them not only to improve their customer base all over Europe but extend their commercial trade links.
  • Global Food MBA holders will acquire proficiency and skills in realising how business works in the international market.

Core modules of MBA in Global Food

  • Economics and Policy
  • Organisational & Personal Changes
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Economics Policy
  • Team Project

Entry requirements for MBA in Global Food

–         As far as the minimum entry requirement for enrolling in food MBA online is concerned, one will require an Honours degree at upper secondary level or an equivalent qualification from an accredited institution

–         A minimum of 2-year work experience along with managerial responsibilities

–         Working candidates having relevant work experience but with lower academic qualifications will also be eligible.

–         Those who do not have English or those who have not studied earlier in English will be required to show an International English Language Test (IELTS) score of 6.5.

So, if you are working and hence making plans to enrol in an MBA programme for career advancement, choosing Global Food as a subject will indeed be lucrative. Remember, you can qualify for a wide range of high salaried jobs by the year 2014 if you are successful in completing this programme online under an accredited university.


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