Completion Rates of Online Degree Courses are Improving Globally

Do you know the brand new buzzword that is applicable in higher education today? It’s none other than ‘completion’ that actually amalgamates the idea of the growth of enrolment with what we often used to call ‘retention’. After the brilliant comeback of online education along with some stunning developments in technology, the trend of holding back students in colleges to make them successful graduates has diminished to a good extent at numerous corners of the world. Now, colleges and universities have started offering courses online with the intention to provide students considerable academic support so that they can come out with flying colours.

Academicians now agree that the concept of completion is not anything new. In fact, the online education initiators around the world today simply intend to enhance the students’ enrolment rates who can rather find the idea of learning online quicker and better than what they expect in the brick and mortar institutions.

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 The National Center for Education Statistics way back in the year 1990 reported of a 9% hike in college enrolment that rocketed to 38% in the year 2009. Now, it’s 2013 and the scenario has bettered a lot especially after the increasing flexibilities offered by online colleges and universities. Although there was a little drop seen a few months ago in the university application figures, the new UCAS figures showed a considerable rise by 3.5%.

However, another reputed online education provider based in UK said that the percentage of enrolment figures exceeded 40% during the same period in comparison to the previous year. In fact, the applications for apprenticeships in 2012 portrayed similar scenario where over 1,127,000 applications were received. These highly impressive enrolment figures showed that the completion rate of online degree courses are moving at pace, or otherwise, not a single online university could have fitted so many students at a time.


Technological influence – a factor behind the improvement of online course completion

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It’s been quite a long time that technology has started exercising its influential powers in the lives of distance learners and making them complete courses in right time as well as with absolute flexibility. Mobile phones, tablets and kindles due to their stunning contributions have been able to come out of their simple roles and have rather started helping people to work, accumulate news, shop and now learn. This is the reason why mobile learning has not only shown huge success rates but has turned out to be a compulsion for a good number of working professionals to complete their online study courses with ease.

University and College Union’s General Under Secretary, Sally Hunt said that students must be encouraged more and more to realise the worth of studying in an online university. Younger students are now looking for more and more educational choices probably due to the demand of earning online degrees that has even made the employers alert to pick up bright graduates.

A list of feedbacks was taken from students with UK university qualifications. The comments and responses were inclined more towards excitement and enjoyment towards completing online degree courses.

So, let’s take a look at all those factors that stood important behind the successful completion rate of online degree courses in UK universities:

  • More confidence – It was found that UK university students while covering their journeys from a mere individual to an esteemed manager acquired more confidence after completing their respective courses.
  • More attention – Plenty of UK university graduates have attracted attentions of multinational employers on a global scale. This has rather boosted their profiles to a good extent.
  • Promotion and pay rise – Middle managers have fulfilled their dreams to become senior managers of top business organisations with such valuable qualifications. The majority of their salaries have gone high by hundreds of pounds.
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  • Better job security – Improving the completion rate of online distance learning course is possible only when the online education communities can assure of providing degrees confirming job security. In this respect, the online UK universities have done wonders.
  • A life-changing experience – Online university degree courses are designed in such a manner that can make students feel that they are heading towards a new path for success and prosperity. Studying in UK universities in this context has changed lives of numerous students and working adults towards betterment.
  • Easy funding – Pursuing a university degree course by distance learning, one can save at least £42,791 over a similar time-scale taken by full-time learners. Moreover, what could be better if he/she moves three years further ahead in one’s career which a full-time university student can never make it possible? In fact, this factor can make a big difference in improving completion rates of online courses.

So, you see that completing a course online will never seem a mammoth task provided you choose the right online education provider who can meet your purpose. Completing your course quicker and saving up to 60% on the course fees in comparison to those charged by traditional institutions will no doubt be a wise decision for career advancement.




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