The Best Sensible Questions from an Interviewee to an Interviewer

You are happy that you have answered all the questions correctly and have managed to make your interviewer smile with absolute satisfaction. Wait, the game is not over!! The interviewer who can be rather a potential employer can simply turn the tables and ask, “Any questions from your side for me?” What would you do then? Would you start panicking and say ‘no’ to escape the situation? That will be the biggest blunder of your life.

If you are one among the job hunters, you need to know certain questions that can hit back your employers who can then only be determined to hire you. So, what you need to do is accumulate some facts and figures about the organisation where you would be heading for an interview. Most importantly, try conveying a positive attitude and always adopt the right tone.


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So, here are 5 smart questions you must throw back on your employer whether he/she asks you do it or not. Moreover, the following questions will let you know why you need to ask them and what purposes would they meet: Have a look:

1. Can you tell me what are the most as well as the least enjoyable aspects of my position?
This is a killer question. In fact, this will make your interviewer feel that you are keen to know what challenging roles you would be offered here while working. He/she is bound to understand how well you will be preparing yourself to meet the organisational goals.

2. You have spoken a lot about presentations and researching conducted here. So, what satisfies your potential employees in performing these roles?
You have started impressing your employer. Remember, this question will help you meet a couple of purposes. First, you will be able to judge your listening skills, and second, it will be easier for you to relate with the organisational role and decide whether it would leave you satisfied.
3. Can I know everything about the training opportunities your company offers?
Undoubtedly, it’s a classic question which will almost let your employer decide to hire you. In fact, this would be a million dollar question which will clearly reveal as how eager you are to master new skills and apply them for the company’s betterment.

4. Will I keep getting promoted if I perform consistently?
Employers nowaimagesdays aim to test their would-be-employees’ insight through the latter’s questions. So, this is also a sensible one which would help your employer know that you have a quest for career growth.

5. How are you going to measure and review my work performance?
This should be your ultimate question. Your employer would be rather happy to know that you believe in the appreciation of delivering quality performances. In fact, this question can make your interviewer feel that you are well aware of the value of reliability, commitment and returns.

Just remember, job interview is nothing but a two-way-street where two parties meet to decide whether the other is a right fit or not. So, being an interviewee, if you ask questions, you will not only acquire a better sense of the organization but it will help you decide whether you would like to work there at all or not.


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