5 Promising Distance Learning Courses to Eye upon in 2013

Behind every successful student, what stands responsible is his/her decision to choose the right career option that can lead to success and prosperity. Throughout the year, thousands of undergraduates after passing out of school tend to look for the right way of learning that will not only help them study flexibly but make them work with absolute liberty. In this respect, distance learning has achieved global importance especially after it has amalgamated audio, video and text in delivering lessons to students and working professionals coming from diverse corners of the world.

Now, who wants to miss opportunities to constantly network with instructors and students while pursuing a course? In fact, it’s true that learning online can help one to:

•    Interact with fellow students
•    Discuss and sot out queries taking help of instructors
•    Receive constant feedback on work
•    Access study materials 24/7
•    Receive considerable tutor support
•    Use iPads and kindles for pursuing courses

So, flexibility is the keyword based on which distance learners can continue working and attend classes at the same time.  Now, the question is which distance learning courses are best that can really open up job prospects in the future. Here is a list of 5 distance learning degree courses you can always consider for career development. Have a look:

need-mbaCourtesy: goo.gl/fa8lz

Master of Business administration (MBA):
Despite being pricey, Master of Business Administration (MBA) continues to be the most popular and prospective career programme that is currently drawing attention of a huge number of employers in corporate houses and business organisations. According to corporate recruiters of the Graduate Management Admission Council, there are serious plans to hire MBA graduates in corporate houses. There were altogether 935 employers who came from different parts of the world and participated in the survey. Out of them, 75% agreed to hire MBA graduates, which came up from 71 per cent last year. The employment record moreover showed that there were around 92% of the individuals who graduated in the year 2012. In fact, this was the highest recorded rate class since 2003.

Currently, salaries too have gone high for MBA grads. Full-time MBA graduates of both 2-year and 1-year programmes reported that their average annual salaries soared from $95,000 to $100,000. So, 2013 is indeed a golden year for MBAs.

IT & Telecommunications
Building a career in IT or telecommunications can be really dynamic and highly rewarding. According to Karl Havers, Ernst & Youung EMEA technology leader,”The UK software market is showing signs of growth returning, with cloud computing helping to drive the sector, which may see new IT jobs created.”


Courtesy: goo.gl/9pXWH

According to a recent research the United Kingdom currently maintains a stable domestic market for providing software services and products. A healthy growth rate moreover is expected to be witnessed by 2013.

Tourism & Hospitality
As per Higher Education Statistics Agency surveys, under 75% of graduates pursuing courses in hospitality had entered 1369502334_connection reseaux Baggsemployment overseas. Out of them, around 30% proceeded to handle management roles in the public, commercial and industrial sectors, including hotel and restaurant management. 15% grabbed retail jobs and also went for catering, waiting and bar staff jobs, and 14% went to business and finance for acquiring management qualifications. 2013 will bring far better hiring percentages for recruiting tourism and hospitality professionals.

As per TheCityUK data, a lobby group representing the financial services industry in the City, the first half of 2012 showed a dramatic rise in the number of legal services. There are over 118,000 people employed in the law industry in the United Kingdom, and this showed that the numbers were better than before the recession took place. Law moreover has emerged to be the highest paid for graduates who now draw salaries at an average of £52,000, and this makes law an attractive profession in 2013.

Health & Psychology
The overall employment percentage of psychologists is strongly predicted to grow by 22 percent from 2010 to 2020. In fact, the demand of hiring school, clinical and counseling psychologists is also expected to grow high in mental health centers, schools, social service agencies and hospitals as per government study. Therefore, pursuing a career in Health and Psychology is surely going to prove prospective in 2013.


Courtesy: goo.gl/K3Y9S

So, you see how flexibly you can opt for these lucrative career programmes through distance learning from anywhere you wish.  Just pick your preferred course, go online, get in touch with an accredited UK university and get going with your preferred course. Remember, earning distance learning degrees will surely be a wise option for not only working professionals but for all who want to build successful careers within their means.


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