Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes Capable People Make

When we apply for a job in different companies by sending across our resumes, at times, they reverts back to us complying that we are not selected. Now, this can be because of many reasons. We might be under qualified for the post, we might have less experience in this genre or, the worst can be, we are over qualified which is unnecessary for the post we wish to apply to. Let us now see what the most prominent 5 mistakes we make unknowingly are:

source: goo.gl/dP8TG

1. We get different degrees
This is the most common problem with all of us. We think that the more degrees we will have, the more job prospects will be available for us. However, this is totally wrong. If you have a lot of degrees from various genres supporting your background, the interviewer can get confused with your expertise. This way, you might lose the opportunity of getting placed with your favourite organisation.

2. We can’t say ‘no’
As a capable employee, we often say ‘yes’ to whatever work our boss gives us. No matter if we like the work or not, or if it is of my genre or not, we say ‘yes’, just to be on the right books of our employer. This is wrong as we are taken for granted and become the “go to” person who is supposed to do everything for the company.

Say No                                                             source: goo.gl/lkLhh

3. We get the easiest job available
After completing our degree successfully, we often take up the job which comes our way first. Without even thinking even if it will aid in our career or not, we end up joining the company. We should always remember to take some time and think about the company we wish to join.

4. We change job often
Whenever we see that another organisation is paying good salaries to its employees, we start thinking about changing our existing jobs. This kind of regular jumping from one job to another can form a blotch in our CVs saying that we are not consistent and likewise, companies will think twice before recruiting us.

5. We retire easily
Without even thinking that our 60s can be our new 16, we end up retiring from our jobs. We should always remember that if we are able to work on a regular basis even after attaining the age of retirement, we should always continue to work. 60s can be our starting line and we must acknowledge ourselves for being capable.

If we take up our career growth as a journey, these are the loopholes which we should avoid in attaining our destination successfully. Too often we end up doing things which can prove to be fatal for our career growth. So, we need to think and re-think before taking up a decision regarding our profession as only then we can become successful in our endeavours.


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