How to use Social Media effectively to get a Job

Today, the catchphrase is social networking, where millions of people conglomerate to exchange ideas, thoughts and views. To them, social media is the most happening platform to enable users get maximum connections and flourish careers with right contacts and searches. Here, is a look at how to grab jobs through use of these mediums.

How Social Media helps in getting Jobs?

  • Linkedin is created for niche professionals who are on search for better opportunities. It is an integral recruiting tool especially for employers. Hence, candidates should make use of this tool in aiding a viable hunt. Creating an attractive profile is first objective, though not the ultimate.

    Make sure that your profile is filled in thoroughly and you are incorporating extra skills for adding mileage. The more information you display the better chance you have of getting noticed. Candidates mentioning more than one position in their profiles boost visibility of their profiles to employers.

In addition to getting a complete profile, users should stay active on the site as much as possible. They should inject something interesting pertaining to the industry and also information about anything interesting in their career. Job seekers should not miss their chances of sharing articles at least every week for getting maximum contacts from recruiters.

Not just that, they should expand networking on the site by joining industry groups. They can follow or target companies that they would similarly follow on Twitter or Facebook. Employers on the other hand beget possibility of getting maximum attention by providing information on relevant product launches and contract wins. On this basis job hunters can naturally reach out to recruiters with a validated point of reference. Thus, it is evident how grabbing jobs through Linkedin is a golden opportunity.

  • Twitter is the ‘in’ thing and is definitely a great resource for job searches. To make full use of this social media, create a complete profile and have your photo in it linked to any social networking site (eg., Linkedin) or your blog. Once done and set, comes the most interesting part. Tweet searches, for keywords pertaining to your industry you are interested in. There are many employers or recruiters on Twitter whom you can follow and also converse with.


  • Facebook is the way to go. It is the most popular and largest networking site. Creating a Facebook profile should be your foremost objective. Avoid inappropriate content with transparency in what you provide.

Creating blog proves quite convenient, yet once again. Discussing about topics in your niche and encouraging industry experts take notice of you is a tacky way of bagging jobs. Make thoughtful posts in drawing maximum attention.  Include resume and a picture of you in the blog.

Thus, active participation and daily updates can only enable in garnering jobs of choice through social media.


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