Top 5 Bachelor Degree Courses Promising High Career Prospects in 2013

It’s been almost four months since 2013 has commenced and many undergraduates are still wondering with questions in their minds as what can be the best career programme that can let them achieve success and prosperity. Well, reports from one of the most popular search engines have found out top bachelor degree programmes for 2013 that are going to run high in demand and could also fetch the greatest worth in no time.

So, take a look at the following 5 bachelor degree courses which you can surely consider for career growth:

1. Business Administration: If there is any prestigious qualification that can help you to qualify for a wide range of jobs in corporate houses and multinationals, it is none other than a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Once you earn this degree, you will gain extensive knowledge and skills in Marketing, Economics and Business Law & Ethics which are the core subjects under this specialisation.


2. Accounting: Although computers can help a company handle its financial records, there are several organizations that do not completely rely on operating systems for managing finances. This is one of the reasons why bachelor degree holders in accounting today are in high demand among potential employers.

3. Healthcare Administration: Healthcare jobs usually never runs out of demand. Public health agencies, hospitals and clinics keep hiring healthcare professionals from time to time. So if you earn a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, you will be exposed to a wide range of healthcare administrative jobs in the long-run.

4. Forensic and Criminal Science: Earning a bachelor’s degree in Forensic and Criminal Science will let an individual investigate criminal cases with confidence and therefore help him/her move to several career paths. For instance, one can be recruited as Crime Laboratory Analyst or Forensic Engineer at reputed crime investigation departments. According to researchers, the growing intensity of crime and violence has resulted in the increasing demand of forensic and criminal investigators.

5. Engineering: Owing to the rapid expansion of technology, engineers are now in high demand. A bachelor’s degree in engineering will therefore help an individual build a strong foundation in diverse fields like Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology Management. Besides, engineers usually get exposed to high pay packages and qualify for esteemed positions at multinational companies.

So, earning a bachelor’s degree in courses running high in demand among potential employers will always keep your chances high to crack respectable jobs in future. In this respect, the degree courses mentioned above have an edge over others which will surely let you find your desired jobs.


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