Qualify for Multiple Designations in the Field of Law being an LLB graduate

Although there are numerous careers to pursue, don’t you think you should go for the one that can keep letting you take up challenges every now thereby making you intellectually stronger? Well, if you are looking for the most challenging yet rewarding career, you will surely get it by earning a degree in law.

As a matter of fact, legal studies will always challenge you. Apart from dealing with different people, you might be required to put a lot of effort and hard work and make things work out on the basis of your intellect. So, every time you will be successful in overcoming a problem, you will grow professionally and hence acquire confidence at work.

What the majority of people believe is that an LLB course is meant for all those who want to become lawyers. However, the truth lies somewhere else. Once you become a law graduate, you will not only be restricted to work as lawyers but can choose several careers to prosper. For instance, you can work as:

  • Legal Consultant : A law graduate can always aspire to become a legal consultant since it’s not only a prospective designation but also involves dealing in a wide range of activities. For instance, a legal consultant while serving a private corporation’s department of law might be asked to draft briefs, contracts and memos. Moreover, he can also help his employer evaluate risks while making corporate decisions.
Image source: goo.gl/LhD80
  • Arbitrator : Many individuals after earning LLBs prefer working as Arbitrators or third-party negotiators for civil cases in relation to legal disputes outside court rooms. Their job is to ensure that both the parties are maintaining law and order during negotiations.
  • Drug enforcement agent: There are several law graduates who do not prefer following the conventional path of a lawyer but rather expresses interest to pursue careers as special agents in DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency. The special agents are not only asked to perform several duties for the agency but they are also required to possess a clear understanding of the legal limitations within which they can pursue cases legitimately.
  • Self-employment:  For an LLB, self employment is one of the best options that can give one flexibility and greater freedom to prosper. As per report, over 40% of the law graduates have been found to choose self-employment in the United Kingdom on a yearly basis.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment opportunities for LLBs will go high by 2018. Moreover, a good number of law schools and accredited universities in the United Kingdom have started offering law courses through distance learning for undergraduates. In fact, this has benefited plenty of business professionals who have managed to establish their own ventures after earning law degrees under UK universities.

So, if you are an undergraduate willing to study LLB through distance learning, you can do so right from your home in association with an accredited university and thereafter choose to move into a myriad of thriving careers.


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