Google Hangouts beat Google Nexus Tablets in Online Study

You want to search for anything, you visit Google. The platform is used for knowledge enhancement and so one of its most resounding aspects is the platform is used for disseminating education to millions of people from across the globe. Today, the trend is to accomplish study purposes through the internet, where Google comes quite handy. In this regard, some latest discoveries like Google Hangouts and Google Nexus Tablets are creating ripples in spreading education on a huge success level.

So, do you want to know how these two mediums are used for online study purpose? If yes, then first know what they are.

 Google Hangouts 

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Google Hangouts is described as the chat system, with the possibility of involving ten people at a time. To describe more accurately it is used as a powerful and effective advertising tool. The highlight of the system is that it offers complete flexibility that connects people from across the globe through means of video conferencing or face-to-face interaction.

Google Nexus Tablets

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The Google Nexus tablet is undoubtedly the next biggest thing. It has taken the market by storm. The tablet has impressive looks and features like magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, Google maps and much more.

Now that you know about the two discoveries, you learn more about how both are used for study purposes. 

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Yes, Google Hangouts is used immensely and most powerfully to contribute to the world of education. Today, it is used by students, scholars, researchers for participating in classroom teaching. On the other hand, Google Nexus tablet is more used as a source of entertainment rather than as a medium for online learning for students. Given the features, the Nexus tablet is more used as a device for capturing and also viewing pictures. No doubt, it has an excellent display with wi fi connectivity. You can share information and other contents, connect with others through the internet connectivity and disseminate what you need. But definitely with limited features it does not mark the edge of Google Hangouts, where students of all cadres connect on the same platform for accomplishing one major task of classroom study.

The Hangout is indeed a much wider platform for conducting meetings, chatting with use of images of websites, arranging Q & A sessions to enable potential customers to learn about their businesses better. The same facilities are not available over Nexus tablet, where you can interact with friends, share images; access the internet for information and much more. The device is more like travel companion than an online study medium.

Thus, an overall observation reflects that Google Hangouts cuts an edge over Google Nexus as far as online study and disseminating information is concerned.


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