Earning a Degree at Home is now a Mouse Click Away

Long back in 1840s, Isaac Pitman taught shorthand through correspondence and since then the concept of distance learning or ‘home study’ has been in the spotlight. Though, the idea of distance learning saw many ups and downs down the years, today it heralds the base of future education for all, irrespective of ages.

Distance education, or more simplified as online learning is disseminated through the electronic medium, that is, the internet. People can access any online degree courses at the click of the mouse from the comforts of home at their own time and pace unlike the traditional circumstances in institutions and colleges. There are many fully-accredited online learning providers across the globe offering home based degree courses to the students’ availability.

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A Look at the Degree Courses

Whether you choose a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, you choose to select any of them to further career prospects while pursuing jobs, simultaneously. A look at few examples of degree courses through distance.
•    Degree top up courses

•    BA (honours ) in Business Human Resource Management

•    LLB (honours) Law

•    BA (honours) Business Marketing

•    BA (honours) Business Computing

•    BA (Honours) Business (Tourism)

•    Master’s degree in Information Technology

•    Master’s degree in Telecommunications and much more

A Look at the Past- Cut to the Present

What happened in the past was that the physically challenged students who could not attend colleges accessed printed, study materials instead of accessing tutorial benefits and traditional classrooms. At those times, computers and internet did not exist and so printed formats were the only modes that were accessible. Gradually, prints took the backseat and the age of electronic medium dawned over the new age learners with its sea of advantages. The present scenario is something where students are enrolling more for distance learning courses so that they can juggle between their studies, jobs and family responsibilities. There is no denial to the fact that the distance degree programs offer golden chance to you to achieve highest level of proficiency in any discipline you desire. Attaining a doctorate degree at your own pace and time is feasible through the internet.

Person read the book

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Education and Technology

The internet has made it possible to cater information on distance learning degree courses from home thus throwing light on growth in the field. It also explains how students are gaining immensely from the video and audio contents that include virtual classrooms where online tutors conduct classes for students. While the teaching methods vary from institution to institution, but amidst all these the one common thread that remains common is the generous use of technology.

Distance learning degree courses are considered as career enhancement credentials. Rest assured, accessing the courses from home enables students create robust career growth.


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