A Risk for One Turned Into a Blessing for a Million

Ever since man learned to gain and impart knowledge, he has continuously tried to make the entire process of imparting and gaining knowledge as simple as possible. Thus, the transition has been from oral tradition to the written tradition that has made the process of imparting education far more efficient.

With the passing of the centuries and the development that mankind and the human civilization have made from one level to the other, the mode of imparting knowledge has evolved. Now, the entire process has gone largely online and nearly paperless.
Online education has turned a new leaf in the field of education and it has helped in taking learning and teaching to the most distant corners of the world. The most recent and tangible development in the field of online education has been the establishment of the Khan Academy, a YouTube channel, by Salman Amin Khan.


Khan’s tutorial

A glimpse into who Khan is and what he did

A former Hedge Fund analyst, Khan, began the journey by preparing hundreds of videos on myriad subjects and uploading them on his YouTube account. These videos are extremely student friendly since they are short and easy to understand. They have been a great help to a number of students and parents surfing the net to find a better and easier way to study. With a bright career ahead of him this was a huge risk that Khan took with no clear idea how it was going to turn out.

A boon to millions worldwide

This has been a boon to a number of people who were unable to benefit from the traditional means of teaching and learning. Not for nothing did they attract the attention of Bill Gates and he is now using these videos for teaching his kids. Let us look at some other instances where they have come in helpful for the viewers.

Rayana, 24, a Brazilian girl, studied only in private schools that didn’t have enough teachers for every subject. So, her education was not what she wanted it to be in order to fulfil her dream of becoming an engineer. The videos of Khan Academy helped her see light at a time when all her dreams were falling apart.

Rod, on the other hand, had a very difficult childhood and had to work and actually escape to the U.S in order to have a better life. It was the videos of Khan that helped him gain what he wanted the most — education and a chance to earn a scholarship.

Kirstin, mother of an autistic child, has tried everything for her child but with no result. At last she stumbled upon the videos and since then her child has made enormous progress with his studies.

The enormous success that has been achieved by Khan Academy has shown that there is always a way and that there is a need for many such educators to help the old and the ailing and many others who need special help for learning. There is an ardent need for educators who will dare to leave behind a secure career and walk the untrodden path to brighten up the lives of many others who have lost hope.


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