Need to Reinforce the Education System by Preventing Dropout in Schools

It is incumbent to deter the sudden surge of dropouts in schools to fortify the education sector. The academic domain is witnessing inflated dropouts, the percent of which has already reached at a dreadful 50%. Whether a dropout in school or college; lack of education will pose as hurdles to adequate jobs that will leave thousands of the population out of money and food and more people towards crime. Hence the problem has to be immediately solved with right analysis and strategies.

How to prevent dropouts in schools and strengthen education system?

Students report varied reasons for dropping out from school, so the solutions are equally multidimensional. The strategies should revolve around extensive research and study of the society to understand what will work best to prevent its nemesis and bring improvement in the education sector. Here, are some core strategies as mentioned below:

Service Learning- The process is significantly connected to community service experiences with basic academic learning. The learning and teaching methods ar12353873-job-searching-and-career-hiring-choice-employment-concept-with-human-icons-connected-in-a-network-ane intricately designed to promote social and personal growth, civil responsibility and career development.

Mentoring or tutoring- Mentoring means supporting relationship between the mentor and a mentee and eventually promoting one-to-one caring. Tutoring mainly focuses on academics and serves as an effective way of addressing specific needs, such as, writing, reading and math competencies.

After school opportunities- Many school provides summer enhancement programs as part of after school opportunity. These experiences are highly helpful for students susceptible to hazards of school failure.

Alternative schooling- Alternate schooling is instrumental in ensuring that dropouts have access to an array of options that help them accomplish graduation.

There has to be some radical changes to the educational system with impressive developments in a few areas like:

  • Active learning
  • Professional development
  • Individualized instruction and
  • Educational technology

How prevention of dropouts can boost educational system?

More dropouts mean more crimes in the society. A customized learning program is helpful for students in rendering them access to flexible learning with cost-effective programs thus enabling them to find interest in studies. Systematic renewal of policies and programs at school and college level brings a greater impact on the society as a whole. The process is helpful in reinforcing the educational system. Thus, a society with robust educational backbone is a strong support to the society as a whole.

How are safe schools useful?

The idea of safe schools is highly constructive in the context of building strong education system. These are schools where dropouts are dealt with so as to address their violence and bring resolutions, eventually. The violence prevention methods are highly useful in preaching the dropouts how to embrace education for personal and societal growth. Thus, the above strategies help dropouts envision studies without fears in mind so as to contribute towards a fortified educational system.


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